Monday, June 15, 2015


Another Freaky Deaky Week.

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is doing well. It's just been another crazy week here in the FOM. It's been getting hotter down here in florida. Freakishly hot. I'm not the biggest fan of it.... but what ever.. only a couple more weeks and I'll be in Brazil!!:) This week has been a busy one. We came out on top of our zone for number  of lessons taught, so that was good. I guess when you just set you mind to it and get to work, things just seem to fall in place. Heres the highlights of the week

Tuesday: Tuesday was a good day. Started out like normal with studies and such. After we got out, we pick up like 3 new investigator from just walking around and talking to everybody. It was awesome. We probably talked to like 30 people with in 4 hours. Defiantly pretty awesome. in the evening we had a couple member presents that were legit. WE had a way cool lesson with an investigator were a recent convert came out with us. It so awesome to see the fire in a recent convert as they testify to others about there conversion. its a way cool and awesome experience. 

Wednesday: wesdaday was a hot hot hot day. We spend the majority of it out side doing service for an investigator. it was dope. I always love working with my hand. After we got done with that we went over to our brazilian investigators house and where she told us she needed help removing a tree stump from the front yard. there fore, we decided to help her our right then and there. so, all three of us in our white shirts and ties just went ham on this big 3 foot palm tree stump. we tore the thing out in like 30 min. it was awesome. Our white shirts weren't so white after that. after that we had a super spiritual and awesome lesson with her about the word of wisdom. It was an awesome night.

Thursday: Thursday was another hot hot hot day. I'm pretty grateful that we are full car. As much fun as it is to bike, it's not fun when it's like 400000 degrees outside. Thursday we has a bunch of super sweet lessons in our apartment complex. that was awesome because we didn't even have to drive anywhere all day. we just walked across to the next building where we had 6 lessons. it was dope.

Friday: Friday was just average day of missionary work. Knocking doors, meeting members. nothing to excited, just the usual.  

Saturday was way cool. we got permission from president to watch meet the mormons with a recent convert and her family. Her name is Maritlene, and she just moved her from Sao Paulo with her family. She's the one with the super awesome and sweet little girls. anyways, she was having some family over for the weekend and she wanted us to come over and teach them, but she was worried because they all thought mormons were super weird. anyways, we decided that if we watched meet the mormon with them and then answered any of their questions that it would be pretty effective. so we watched the movie and then answered the families questions. they were all super nice, and it was awesome to meet more brazilians. every chance i get to learn more about the Brazilian culture the more I fall in love with it. I'm so excited to be able to continue  part two of this adventure in brazil. 

After that we went and had some lessons with those people we met earlier in the week. they went well, and hopefully they will want to continue to meet with us. 

Sunday was awesome! It was my second week in the spanish group, and it so cool to be able to got to church and understand nothing but understand everything. it's great. We had 3 investigators come to church so that was awesome! I've really come to love sunday. They always seem to recharge our spirits for the upcoming week.

I love being here in the spanish area. I can hardly understand or speak any spanish, but I love the people here. Everyone is just so kind and loving. For example, the members LOVE to feed us here. It's actually kinda a problem. sometimes we get feed like 3 times a night. we will be driving to a lesson and members will just call us and INSIST that we come over to their house to eat. I'm kinda worried that I'm going to be putting on so much weight. Oh well, its good that the members really want to take care of us here. Im sure once I get to brazil, it will be a completely different story. 

Anyways, that's the lowdown of our week! I hope everyone is doing well, and if anyone want to write me, I would love to hear from you!

With love, 

Elder Heiner 

Monday, June 1, 2015



Welp. It's official, I've been out in the field a whole six weeks and
counting. Crazy! It seems like just yesterday I just barely getting to
the Mtc. Time really seems to be flying.

This past week was really interesting. Started out really good, had
some disappointments in the middle, and then slowly got better. Here's
the skinny on the winnings.

Post p-day adventures: well, after pday on Monday, we went out and
saw clorisa and the Fam. They are just so awesome. Sooo sooo awesome.
Well, anywho, they had their baptism date here on the 30th and 31st.
Well, as we get there and we start making plans and such, she starts
talking like it will be later this month. Hahah, apparently there was
some miss communication because she was under the impression that it
was going to be the weekend of the 13th. Long story short, she has
already planned a vacation Saturday and Sunday. We shoot, looks like
they couldn't get baptized this week but oh well. We rescheduled
everything and the new date will be the 13th and 14th. That was kinda
a let down, but it's all good. After that, we went over and spent some
time with a less active named Mathew Wallace. He's like 20 years old,
and really had a rough life. Love the kid to death, he has such a big
heart and it's awesome to see him begin to change his life around.

Tuesday: Tuesday was psychotically busy. We taught like 8 lessons that
day. It was really really busy, but it was fun. They were mostly a mix
of larc lessons and then a couple new investigator lessons. Nothing
too exciting, just standard run of the mill lessons, it was just hard
to try and fit that many in one day, we did it though and it was
awesome. Tuesday night, we also went on another exchange. This time, I
went up to veira with elder Lauritzen and elder Davis stayed down here
with elder lefholtz. we were exchanging with the zone leaders this
time. Elder Lauritzen is a total boss. Super funny, super loving guy.
We got along great! It was awesome. He from maple hill Utah, which is
apparently just Spanish fork with a fancy name. Hahah

Wendsday: wooooohooo! Hump day!! Being up I. Veira was dope! we
started out in the morning by going up and doing service at a older
lady's home. We mowed the lawn, trimmed some bushes, and then we
cleaned her pool. Hanna, never thought I'd get to clean a pool. It was
fun though!! I really miss working outside. I've really come to love
doing hard physical labor, and getting a taste of it was good. Now to
get my hands on a chainsaw......

Thursday: district meeting! District meetings are always fun. We have
a tiny winy district so they get kinda quite., but it's all good.
After district meeting we went out and and did a ton of stop bys. It
was good, we tried our best to get I. Contact with a bunch of former
investigators, potentials, and referrals. It was good stuff. After
that we went out and taught clorisa again. This time we talked about
potential. We shared the Mormon message that talks about the guy on
the cruise ship, who unknowingly stayed in his cabin the entire cruise
to save money, even though the price of the ticket included everything
on the ship. We then talked little more about their potential in the
gospel and how by being righteous they can obtain their full
potential. It was an awesome lesson and the spirit was amazingly

Friday: Friday was weekly planning. Therefore we really only got out
between 6:00 and 9:00. We spent the majority of the time learning
trying to track down a member who had just moved in. It was fun, seems
like no matter where you are, Friday nights are always fun.

Saturday: party day! So remember the salazars? The ones that took us
to their beach house for their family party? Well they threw another
graduation party for their son, Andrew. (Must be a Latin thing)
anyways it was at the church and their was going to be ATON of Andrews
friends their, therefore, we decide to go and see if we could go and
find some one to teach. To our surprise, Andrews friends were super
interested in us and listened to a lot of what we had to say. It was
rad. Plus, sister Salazar made a tone of Peruvian food. It was
delicious. It was a way cool experience.

We also got calls about transfers Saturday night. Everyone's
amazement, I'm getting transfer outta here. Crazy I know!?!?
Apparently I'm just too awesome that president berry wants me to go
somewhere else already. I'm not even fully trained yet.... Hahaha
whatever though. My guess is that my visa will be here soon so
president wants me closer to the mission office for logistical
reasons. I'm excited, I wanted to see as much of Florida as I could
while I'm here, and so far I'm getting my wish.

Sunday: just the usual Sunday with lots of meetings. It was also
filled with a lot of goodbyes. I really do love the ward out here and
I've made a ton of awesome friends. It's sad to be going but, I'll go
where the lord wants me to go.

Anywho, I hope everything is going good with you guys. Let me know if
there is anything I can do for any of you.

Much love,
Elder Heiner

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