Monday, February 29, 2016

Hellloooooooooooo world

Wow. What a week. For some reason I am incredibly tired, yet surprisingly happy.   It's weird how the mission is like that. 

Here's a run down of the week. 

This week we spent working our butts off, its was a awesome week! 

On Tuesday, met an awesome new family, johneer, and favio. Wow, they are just plain awesome. Newly married, they both work full time, are looking to start a family and are searching for a place to raise a family right. Sound like a baptism waiting to happen or what?? haha. I'm pretty pumped! 

Wednesday we made a goal to try and teach all of our lessons in under 30 min. We decided that when we have a lesson over 30 min the spirit starts to weaken and people lose interest. Well, we kinda made the goal.. and then forgot about it until about 4:00.... the funny thing is once we started to teach in under 30 min, we doubled the number of lesson we usually teach..... Weird. Its like math or something.. ahhaah. 

Thursday we did splits. I stayed in the area with elder leite... or in english elder milk.. Yes, Brazilian names are strange. It was a good time. since elder rufato is a ZL, and his zl companion, elder perreia is companions with elder leite, elder leite and I get to work together quite a bit. It's actually pretty fun. I really like the guy. We had a awesome day together, we met a bunch of new people and our investigator, miro, he was able to smoke less cigarettes this week. Woot Woot!  Any progress is good progress, 

Friday, well, friday was  kinda of a waste. me and elder rufato had to go and pick up one of the assistants all the way in the city center, bring him to our area, and stay with him for awhile, because he had a medical appointment. It was pretty annoying, but hey, whatever, At least we got to be on the good side of the assistants now.... haha. 

Saturday..... Saturday was about one of the longest day of my life. really, Saturday and Sunday seemed to just blur together because of how busy we were. 

Saturday morning, we got a call from one of our investigators asking if we could help them move. Ah, awesome, I love Saturday morning service projects. Well, little did I know, that here in brazil, they don't use moving trucks to move... They use shopping carts.... yes... Shopping carts. Pretty funny if you ask me. So for like 6 hours loaded up everything in the house, and dragged it up this big hill. Dressers, stove, washing machine, all of it. It's a good thing I'm semi-professinal at hauling heavy, awkward items long distances, up big hills. Brought me back the good old days of hauling a chainsaw on my back for hours. 

Anyway, after all of that, we still had to go out and teach.... Everyone of our investigators. Every. Single. one. of. our. investigators. Why you ask? because Sunday was stake conference and we need to bring as many as our investigators there as possible. Anyways, We did it. I don't know how, but we managed to stop by and teach everyone of our 40 investigator that are progressing in some form. 

After all of that, we still had to wake up at 4:00 the next morning to catch the bus that was going to stake conference. it was a long day.hahah. It all paid off in the end. we managed to bring some 20 investigator to the conference, which is the most that any dupla has brought in a very long time. things are going great. 

Love you all!

I hope everyone one has a safe, and fun week!

Elder Heiner

Monday, February 22, 2016

French toast, and daylight savings time.

Hey everybody!! I hope everyone is having a great week. Things here in brazil are just as crazy as always, this past week we have been running around too crazzy to even count. It's good though. things are working good here in the big old zoo that is porto alegre. 

This week we have been working really hard with our family that we have marked a wedding with. They are super awesome, Juliana and andrelle. The past week they have been having a really hard time with... each other? aghahhaha.  Basically, they've been fighting alot... but, That's what the gospel is for! anyhow, we've been stopping by pretty much every night to help them through this rough patch. It pretty cool to see the progress that they've made already. just another testimony to be that the gospel really can help with whatever problem. Even marriage problems. I think the weirdest part is that we have two 20 year old's here, unmarried, with little relationship advice, counseling a couple with 4 kids... hahahah the mission is a weird thing.. 

We also have been working extensively, with our other family with a baptism date, villençca and carlos. They are progressing really well and we are super excited for their upcoming baptism the 3rd of march. Its crazy how fast they are progressing and being able to help them with their testimony is super awesome.

We've also been working alot with a recent convert named everton. The stake here is getting ready to divide, and we are trying really hard to get all the recent converts ready to receive the M. priesthood. super awesome member, Everybody in the ward just loves him to death. I think he host family home evening like 4 times every week. haha, its pretty awesome. 

This week was a good week, me and elder rufato are getting alot great and he's helping me a ton with portuguese.( swear, I have the hardest time with this language, but I'm improving) .

In my studies this past week, I've been focusing on the spirit, and how we can improve our ability to feel the spirit in every moment possible. Been reading in preach my gospel about our prayers and how we can let the spirit guide our prayers. Well, I was thinking and decided to try something different this past week. Every time I say a prayer in the morning and at night, I will stay on my knees until I feel the spirit. Wow, what a difference this has made. Its incredible what a difference this has made. Seems like this past week I've been able to decerne the whispering of the spirit a whole lot easier and be able to invite the spirit a whole lot easier. My challenge for everyone this week is to try it out. Everytime you say a prayer at night. Stay on you knees until you feel the spirit. some times I've stayed on my knees for a long time, But The consequences are soo worth it. 


Com amor e respeito! 

Meu queridos irmãos e irmas

Vos amo bastante.

Élder Heiner

Monday, February 15, 2016


Just what you guys wanted to here... Yes, I'm still alive, Yes, I love my new companion, And sorry I haven't written for awhile... Its been a crazy past few weeks. I'll give you the low down right now. 

So, I'm in a area Called agronomia. It's a little ''Bairro" or, city right out side of porto alegre. Like literally right outside the city limits of porto alegre. I'd compare it to being bountiful to salt lake. Just a few min away. I'm actually in a porto alegre right now as i write this.

About the area, ITS AWESOME. Right now I'm in the zone that pretty much every missionary want to be in. Why? Because this zone is on fire. There are just so many awesome awesome family's that are living here its insane. 

My companion is named elder Rufato. He's from pato branco parana, Brazil. He's almost like an exact copy of My friend Harrison Mayer. The first few days were together I was super dupe confused because I'd turn around and Harrison would be standing there. hahaha. Needless to say we are getting along great. (Harrison If you reading this, You aren't replaced, I've just found your Brazilian doppelganger.)

Also, This is kinda a weird dupla because hes a Zone líder, and I'm still sitting at junior. The president told me that he put us together so that I could learn how to lead a hold together a zone.... Whatever that mean. 

Because He's a zone leader, and the the other zone leader lives like 5 min away, we are basically in a 4 pack of elders. Mainly because elder rufato, and elder Perreia need to talk about all the zone stuff all the time. Its pretty cool, because Its like I have 3 companions instead of just one. Weird,  But cool at the same time. 

The reason I could email this past week was because Brazil had a their big old holiday.... carnaval.... Which is Brazil's biggest holiday. Basically everything shuts down for 3 day while everyone goes to the city center to party.  We didn't have to stay indoor or anything because Its not that big in our city, but other elders basically had a 3 day nap. 

The work in our area is just plain going great. This is my second week working here and we have already set a date for one of our familys to be married. WHAT? Yes, thats right, we are going to get to marry a family. The process here in Brazil is super complicated so you have to set a date before hand and then go get a bunch of paper work done. Its complicated, but the family, Julianna, and Andrelle are super excited about it. The also have 4 kids, two of with are older than 8 years old. Can I just say that it is sooo much better to teach family's. 

Yesterday me and elder Rufato were trying to find a reference that turned out to be the wrong address when we found a nother awesome family. We knocked on the wrong door and they let us in, we had a super duper powerful lesson, and then after we marked a date for them to be baptized. Bah, its moments like that make the mission sooo awesome. 

this past week has been super busy, Its been strange, but awesome at the same time. I can't believe Whats been going on here. I just love it. 

This week in my scripture study, I reread the story about Martha e mary in the Luke chapter 10. I Love this story so much. Its a story that Illustrates the really, the things in this life are important. be we always need remember that eventually, everything here on earth will go away, and only the things that we put forth into our "eternal Bank" are going to matter. I love the way that jesus answers Martha in verses 41-42. so clear and direct. If we all can try and remember that we need to chose the good part, then through out our day we can continue to make decisions that truely matter. 

Love you all, 
Elder Heiner

Monday, February 1, 2016


Don't have much time today. Its transfers. All i know is that im going to a new area. Sad to leave cachoeria, but happy to start another adventure. Cool thing is elder allen gets to train now! cool beans!

Anyways, love you all, I'll write more this next upcoming week.

Elder Heiner