Monday, January 30, 2017


Well, well well, 

the end is coming. 
Seems like running to an end that I don't want to arrive. 
Weird how time seems to fly when you don't want it to fly, and it goes slow when you don't want it to go slow. 

I'm not going to have the much time to write this next week because.. well I'll be traveling a little bit, so I'd like to just write a few ending thoughts. 

Weird to think that for two years I've waken up everyday, prayed, put on a white shirt and tie, name badge, and left a usually smelly, moldy, Brazilian apartment. 

Even weirder to think that I left the apartment to talk to people in a strange language, about something that nobody likes to talk about and normal rejects on the first few words. 

Even Weirder than all this..... I've come to love it so much, that I can't believe that its ending. 

For this time I didn't have a cell phone, or tv, or even money. 

I didn't know if my family was well, 
or when would be the next time I would eat a good meal. 

Yet, I've come to love it so profoundly that my heart is strongly twisted in leaving, and returning to the world. 

It's been hard. I've had challenges, I didn't always love it or really want to be doing it. Especially in the beginning, yet all that changed. 

In little less than two weeks, I'll be returning to the world I left, but I won't be the same person. I've become a disciple of Christ for these last two years, and I'm determined to keep serving him until the last day of my life. 

He is the reason why I suffered. He is the reason why I sacrificed everything for two years, and He is the reason why I would do it all over again. 

I love this work. I know that this is the true church of god. That WE have prophets today, and that Christ is our savior, redeemer and king. I've come to love all the children of god, and that we should strive to be His servants. This earth is just a passage, and one day we will be accountable for our works. 

Love you all, 
Can't wait to see you guys in just a few short days. 
I'll be home on the 9th and my homecoming will be on the 18th. 11;00 at the bountiful Heights stake Center. 

Elder Heiner

Monday, January 23, 2017

Things are going crazy...

So this week way CRAZY. Things are hot here... Feels like its 100 degrees everyday, but that just life. 

Elder Cope and I are working super hard. This week we are going to have a 3 or 4 baptisms. super pumped. The ward here is super awesome with helping us out. 

we saw one of the biggest miracles this week. the past few weeks, I've been praying a ton that I can end my mission with a few more converts. This new area is super awesome, but reached that point where the teaching group was all baptized or didn't want more visits, so this past week has been searching for  new people to teach. Normal, I don't have much problem with this because I like talking to new people, but this weeks I couldn't help but think that I would end my mission in the water. 
Anyways, I started to fast and pray that I could find some people that are truly prepared and ready to be dunked.. Basicly something that is REALLY hard to happen. 

Anyways, Thursday, we went and were knocking doors when we knocked into some less active familys. Not one family, but THREE. the best part?  These three family's, all have husbands that aren't baptized, already live the commandments, already have been to church several times  I was shocked. One right after another, after another. The lord answered my prayers in a way soo clearly, and spiritual. That night, I've never thanked the lord so much. Truly, It was a miracle. All three of these men will be baptized in the next two weeks. They are excited, and willing to make this scared covenant and we are willing to help them out. 

Anyways, I'll happy, working hard. and time has run out. 

Love you all! 
Elder Heiner

Monday, January 9, 2017


 Well, I'm in me new area... Wow.. I've been traveling since monday I feel like. This Week Has been CRAZY. 

Anyways, so me new area is called Eldorado Do sul. It a suburb of Porto Alegre, just 20 min west of the city. Its pretty freaking good area! 

Actually its been the best area of the mission for like 6 months now... The last elders that were here baptized every week for I don't even know how long. sooo pretty much I'm going to end my mission like I hope... Baptizing! 

My new companion is Elder Cope! From Michigan. Actually, Hes the nephew of Doctor Cope. yes. the same dr. Cope that has cared for our family forever. Pretty chill, Awesome Elder that knows how to work hard. WE are super good friends... Also... I now have someone to practice English with... yes.. I'm going to need it. 

The week we helped another son of god enter in the water of baptism. William is just 16 years old and already want ot serve a mission. Super excited for him. 

The ward here is way bigger than the branch in rio grande.. we also have.. .A CHURCH BUILDING!!  Which means it will be easier to bring people to chuch now.. (it was getting a little weird to say that church was taking place in the garage down the street) ahahah. 

Anyways, Things are good, I'm happy. Don't have much time. Likes always, but it should be pretty good. ust got to work until the end! 

Love you all!
Elder Heiner

Monday, January 2, 2017


This week has been crazy!
First Off!! 

FELIZ 2017!!!!

I really can't believe that It's 2017! seems likes yesterday that I just ended high school. We had a crazy good week to end 2016 and a seriously awesome fist day of the year. 

We ended and started this year with baptisms! I really can't believe the milagres that we've been seeing here in castelo Branco. 

We started out the working super hard trying to find some people that were prepared to be baptized this end of the year. Elder Christofano and Me have a very large teaching group, because of this we have to just teach people and the see how that progress during the the week to see which people are ready to make the baptismal covenant. We are working hard and the lord is truelly blessing us. 

This week, because of transfers, we only had Tuesday until Saturday to work. Sunday being new years day was a day, we knew that It would be a very difficult day to find people home, anyways, we worked pretty day hard and got our results. 

We helped Jaqueline enter in the water of Baptism. What a truely great experience. I think jaqueline has  been one of the most prepared people i've very taught in the mission. We found here working through less actives. Her mom is a less active of the ward that Has had a hard time to return after the death of her mother. 

Anyways, one day we taught Jacqueline in her moms house. After that first moment I felt something different. Every moment that we've been teaching her its truly been like bringing a kid to a candy show. She is has been waiting a very long time to come closer to god, but never really knew how. Things went good, and I'm happy to see that she will now be part of the family of Jesus Christ. 

We had a wonderful baptism service on sunday, helping here start this new life on the first day of the year. She is so happy and i'm so happy to see her this way. Truely, she has been touched by the spirit, and will be a great tool in the branch. 

Other than that, we worked hard.. 

Also, I received a phone call on saturday... Turns out the lord is needing me in another area... I'm be transferred.. Crazy,  I'm in the last 5 weeks of me mission and I'm going to be transferred. 

I'm a little bit sad, but I know that the lord must have people for me to meet and help in Eldorado do sul. I've already passed in the area. Earlier in the mission i spent 2 weeks there when my comp went home and I was waiting for my other comp. 

I have no Idea who will be my comp or what I will do, but  as we say in portugese....


Com amor, 
(with love)
Elder Heiner


This week has been crazy. first off!! 

FELIZ 2016,!!