Tuesday, March 31, 2015

another week in sunny provo....

Tudo Bem Irmas and Irmaos

Como Voce esta?

Think week had been pretty boring. just lots of meeting and doing zone work. Turns out taking care of 60 missionary's is a lot of work. Go figure. It's all good though. I enjoy serving all these wonderful elders and sisters in our zone.

Since nothing too exciting happened this week. I'd figured I just tell you all a little about my district. so here goes

Sister Aston- Bluff dale Utah .  Super awesome sister! she always brings a awesome spirit to the class room and always makes us laugh. She likes to play volleyball and to eat ice cream. ahahah Go figure.

Sister McDowny- Carson city Nevada- She's way chill. She always has some hilarious comment or story to share with our group. She LOVES to talk and seems like she does the majority of the talking for the district. she just finished up a semester at byu-i studying English.

Sister Perkin- orange county, cali. She's our only African american sister in our our district and it shows! She is so so so awesome! always brings to class a happy attitude and a hilarious comment. 

Sister Anderson- Cedar City ut, She a cow girl through and through. We get along pretty great because she love to ride dirt bikes and shoot stuff in the desert. She always has such a awesome spiritual comment or experience to share. She always striving to make sure everyone in the class is doing well,

Sister Gines las vegas nevada- Very in tune with the spirit.she always triesto keep us on track, which is quite a difficult task sometimes. she has a twin brother here in the mtc that is in our zone. Shes awesome!!

Sister Bingham- Morgan utah. Shes way chill! she's always making us laugh. oddly enough she knows my sister Amy. which was quite awkward. ahahahha

Anyways, my time is short today! 

Hope everything is well! 

Love ya all!

Elder Heiner! 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sooo I'm a Zone Leader....

Hey everybody! Hope everyone is doing awesome!! Just wanted to let everyone know what's been happening this past week

Wendsday- we got 2 new districts in our zone. 5 of them are farm boys from idaho. They are so awesome and Hilarious!! Definitely love getting to know them.

In the morning we did "service" aka, "free labor" but hey, somebody's gotta make this place tick. 
We had to get up at like 530 and clean bathrooms. Yeah... remember when I said I would never be a custodian again... Apparently I didn't knock on wood hard enough... ahhahaha. Oh Well, It was still good to do something to break the monotanly. 

We spent the rest of the day going to class and then in the afternoon we go to teach our investigator. it was pretty rad.

we taught our last lesson to our "investigator" It was a super cool experience. we ended up commiting him to baptism and he accepted! afterward he said that we did so well, that he accepted, he usually doesn't do that. it was great. 

as we got to class on friday, we learned that our "investigator" turns out to be our teacher. it was pretty cool. he gave us all feed back and then taught us some grammer prinicples. His name is Irmao staples, he's from Seattle washington and he served a mission in brazil.

After that we studied some more and then had another lesson from irmao christani. i just feel so blessed to have the two coolest and best teacher to help us learn more of the gospel and to learn Portuguese. 

our lesson with irmao christani was pretty interesting. as soon as class started he told us that we had 5 min to prepare a lesson that we where going to teach. then after those 5 minutes he walked us up to a investigator  and we had to start teaching. it was really really really bad. we hardly could speak anything and there was lot of awkward silence. I loved it. it just showed me how much more i have to learn and how much i'm going to have to stretch to get there.

Friday nights are interesting. the teachers call them Sesta Festa which means friday party. on friday night all the teachers are not around (weird, it's like they have a normal life or something... wonder what that feel like) so it pretty much leaves 500 19 year old missionary un supervised. it's crazy. lucky our district is seculed from the craziness so we get quite a bit of studying done. 


Satuday was pretty boring.  we just learned about imperfect and peritet verb and then spent the rest of the day studying. pretty bland. 


I've really come to love Sundays at the MTC. even though, you know sunday is supposed to be a day of rest? well, not here. it's jammed packed with meeting and devotionals. it's pretty sweet. 

Before sacrament meeting, we were pulled aside by the branch president. He then extened a call to up to be the new zone leaders for our zone. Pretty nuts. We've only been here for like a week and halve and now we are leading some 60+ missionary's. I was kinda uneasy about this, so together as a companionship before they announced it in sacrament, we found a quiet place in the MTC and knelt and prayed about it. As soon at we were done with the prayer we all had the same feeling come over us, that this is a calling that we needed to do and that the lord would help us through out it's challenges.  


Pretty much the same as every other  day, study, learn, teach. really nothing too exciting happend around here. 

If anyone want's to write me, Feel free to! I'd love to hear from ya!

Hope this next week will be awesome for all of you. 

Love ya! 

Elder Heiner


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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week One Of Captivity.

Wow, I'm finally here. It seem like just yesterday I was still in high-school  not having to worry about any thing. 
Anyways, I'm just going to do a quick run down of what's been going on this past week.

Wednesday (aka the longest day EVER).
So we get to the mtc, you know the rest, my mom and dad drop me off at the door, i get rushed through what seems like 400 people in a matter of minutes. They give me my name tag, a big box of box of book, a big bag of things I need, they take me to my room, then they take me to our class room. 

As I walk into the class room get to finally meet my companions, elder Klime, and Elder Efros, Yeah, I'm in a tri-compinero. Or try companionship. Elder Klime is from Georgia, he just finished a semester at byu studying Performance Piano. we got here him play a little later in the week an it was awesome!! He's freaking good and loves to share his talent, which is way cool. Elder Efros is from Arizona, and Pre mission life he was in a band. He's pretty cool! he brings a lot craziness to our group. I think if it was just me and elder klime, we wouldn't talk very much, but elder efros LOVES to talk which I a good thing for our companionship. Both of them are serving In Porto Alegre Sul and both of them are wait for visias. But Ehhh, such is life. 

Anyways, after I meet my companions I get to meet  with the rest of my district. Everyone in my district is pretty sweet. there's 9 of us total, 3 Elders and 6 Sisters. I don't have time to go write about but every single is awesome and brings such a strong spirit to the class. 

Our teacher is brother Christani. He's from draper and he served in the Brasilia Brazil mission. He's a really great guy and is really helpful in explain Portuguese. 

Now, when you first walk into class the thing that really stands out is that.... Nobody in there is speaking english. Yeah, it's pretty crazy cuz it's like wow, im in this crazy new situation, trying to get to know all these people, and I can't speak english... Yeah, therefore I was pretty confusing and it really made my head hurt. 

We didn't really do much for the rest of the day. Just kinda settled in and got to know our companions 

Thursday was interesting. 

We started out by having a lesson. Of course, it was all in Portuguese cuz you know that's the way things are done here. Then we had study time. then we had another lesson, again in Portuguese. then another study session. It seems like all we do is Pray, study, read, and eat. It's all good though! Thursday night I was pretty much getting settled into the seat of things and actually realize that this is going to be a great two years. It's amazing what It's like to be here with so many cool, friendly and worthy Elders and Sisters. When we first arrived someone made a comment that really stuck with me. They said that the  The MTC is the only place, other than a temple, where you have to have a worthy temple recommend to be here. It's Pretty great!

Thrusday night we meet with our branch presidency. That was cool! Brother Jackson is our President, with Brother Adolphson, and Brother bird as his advisers .  All three of them are really cool and really invite the spirit when you are around them. 

Friday and Saturday were pretty much the exact same.
0630- Wake up. get ready
0700- study
0745- eat
0800- study Portuguese/ scripture study
1200 eat
1230 study
630 eat
730 study
930 back to the dorm
1030 asleep

Yup, that pretty much how our life is going to be.

Sunday was pretty cool. we got to attend our branch. of about 60 missionary serving in either Brazil or Portugal... so yeah.. you guessed it, It was all in Portuguese. It's amazing how much I can actually understand and speak back even though I've only been studying it for like 6 days. 

Monday was the same as Friday and saturday.

Today, Tuesday Is my P-day, and the day I get to email and write back to people. It's kinda nice to have a few minutes of freedom after having every minute of everyday planned out for us. 

If anyone wants to write me I would love to hear from you! My address is:
Elder Justin Taylor Heiner
2009 n 900 e UNIT 101
Provo ut 84602

Also, if you want to communicate with me between P-day, the easiest way to do so while I'm here is to use Dearelder.com. Just go to their website and It will tell you what to do.

Love, Elder Heiner

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The PRE-Mission Post.

Hello everybody! If you're here wondering what the heck this is then let me explain a little bit. Starting next Wednesday, March 11th  I will be embarking on a pretty big adventure to Brazil for two years. I'll be leaving my family, my friends, my job, and well pretty much my entire life to go and teach the people of Brazil the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It's pretty crazy I know, but I know that by doing this I will be spreading joy and light to people that are searching for it . Now what's this blog all about then? Well, while I'm serving in Brazil I get to keep in contact through family and friends through email. Once I week I'll get what's called a Preparation day, in which I'll prepare for the rest of the week. It's also when I'll get to email people. Now blogger has this cool feature that allows for me to be able to post to the blog through email. Connect the dot's and you get the picture. Hopefully I'll be able to continue to post to the blog throughout my mission, but rules change, life happens and sometimes you don't get what you want. So if I stop posting for awhile don't worry! I'm still alive(probably), just expect to hear me from me in two years. Thanks for coming to check out what this is all about and I hope everybody gets to enjoy hearing about all the craziness that about to happen in my life.

Also, Here's a random picture of the Porto Alegre  Temple