Monday, October 31, 2016


Well, Im in porto algere today. I don't have much time. We are here for a misison leadership conf. More meetings. should be good. I'm here with pretty much all my friends in the mission. I'm excited to see what tomorrow should bring. 

This week was crazy! apparently, a gaint like windstorm came through while we were sleeping. I slept just fine, but some parts of are area are completely destroyed. YIKES> made for some fun times. 

This week we had a crazy cool experiance. WE were near the church waiting for some other elders to arrive, when we decided to talk to some people in the street. Well, we ended up talking to this couple. This couple, super young, like 19 and 20, started to show some real interest, when I heard almost like a vocie tell me: Open the church and give them a tour. 

What? Like I've never given a church tour before. I have no idea what would be cool to show them..... 

Anyways, If theres one thing i've learned... Its that if you hear the spirit o do something.. JUST DO IT. don't ask questions.. Anyways, we lead them to the building and opened it up. My compahion started talking about how we have sunday school and showing them the class rooms. 

then we went into the sacrament meeting... wow... When we entered the room... The girl started to cry and the spirit started to be real strong. I don't know what we really were talking about, but she just started to sob. 

Then she started to talk about how this is the place where she need to be sunday and how she had seen this room in a dream and how she always felt that if she found this room, she would do anything to stay there and got to that church. 

It was awesome. a super cool experience. Too bad that she lives in the area of the sister.. We wrote down here # and address. The sister went there marked a baptism date, and she went to church sunday. I'm excited to see where this goes. 

Things are good. Sorry don't have much time, seems like I never have much time. 

Love You all!

Elder Heiner 

Monday, October 24, 2016

a photo is worth a thousand words.

I don't have much time today... 

So i'll send some Photos!! 

This past week I reached 21 years on earth... Yikes! 1haha 

What did I do to celebrate? 
Baptized. hahaha
The mission in baxio! or half of the mission. 

My four sons! I trained everysingle one of them. 

I've been trainning for more than 9 months. YIKES

Monday, October 17, 2016

More work.

This week we did just about the same thing as before, We worked. And worked. and worked. 

Things are getting a little hot down here. It rained a bunch herer.... nothing like getting to take a shower everyday all day. Its the life. ahahah. I think the worst part about the rain is that after words it gets super hot... such is life. 

Elder De souza is doing good. Wednesday, we went to a mission meeting in pelotas. it went good! there came down to our mission a seventy from the north of brazil. Made for a day of alot of instruction and spiritual experiances. I think the crazy thing is that Elder Carboni, the seventy called me up to teach to him the first lesson in front of everyone.... it when fine, but i was sacred out of my pants. Afterwords he pulled me aside and told me that I taught the best first lesson he has seen in a very long time. Told be to keep doing it... I guess he liked.. Whatever right? I just do what everyone tells me to do. 

This week we worked alot with the list of members. The branch i'm in is preparing to be a ward, this means that they need to clean out the list of members.... which means the missionary's get to clean out the list. it went by really slow, but we got to take off 90 names off the list. Crazy.. 90 people moved out and the branch didn't even know... haha. Brazil. 

we also taught some great lessons to Adreille, the wife of a member here. One of the people with the most faith I've seen. Just have to wait for one week and she will be baptized... probably on Saturday. 

We also found a sweet new family... They live on the beach! like they have a beach house. Makes for some great lessons with the water splashing nearby. They are awesome, we are excited to see the progress they will make. 

Things are good, the zone is good. WE are working super hard. THe zone leader life is a little scary... I'm always anwsering the phone, its pretty annoying. 

Anyways, Love you all! 

Elder Heiner

Monday, October 10, 2016

Rio Grande!

Well, I've been transferred!!! I'm right now in Rio Grande! Yes... I'm waaaayyy down south. The farthest zone from the mission... 

Things are pretty good down here. I've been called as a Zone Leader but... I'm also training??? Yes.. I'm training.. Again. This will be six months straight of training. Its pretty good! My new companion is from Fortaleza.. Again! Seems like I'm only getting comps from the north of brazil. He's great! I already love him to death! 

My new area is called Castelo Branco or White Castle! Yes! My area has the name of cheap fast food place in the south. Got to love it. Its great. we are trying to make the push for this branch to become a ward. I guess I'm good at this or something because this will be the second time that president is putting me in this type of situations. 

The other zone leader lives pretty close, about 30 min walking. We have to sleep over in his apartment every sunday night to plan for the week and stuff. It's pretty annyoing, but good at the same time. His name is elder Santos... He's from good old.. Fortaleza..hahaha. 
Our zone is just sisters and one other dupla of elders. CRAZY. We have 8 companionship's of sisters. Its crazy. WE are calling this zone the relief society. hahhaha. Got to love it! 

Anyways, this week we had a crazy good experience. We were knocking doors when we found a super sad old women. After talking to here for awhile, we left her with a book of Mormon. When we left, marking another appointment, she said that she never let anyone in here house, and that For some reason she decided to let us in. The spirit was super strong, and im super excited to see where this goes with her. 

Love you all, This week we are going to have a mission tour. Should be exciting!! We will have a Seventy here. WE will probably recieve some kind of burning. ahha.a 


Elder Heiner

Monday, October 3, 2016

Transfers! New (old?) comp, new area, new WARD! New Calling? ... yesh...

lets just say that this week was CRAZY. AGAIN.

To start out the week, we had some freaking crazy lessons. Here in Brazil, there are alot of churches... like ALOT. Every corner has another church. It leads to some interesting conversations. 
Anyways, My comp, well he likes to talk to pastors... or preachers of the other religions... So This week we made a goal to try and talk to as many preachers as possible, Not to try and prove them wrong or anything, just to see what they truely believe. This week I had my testimony truly strengthened, that this Church, The Church Of Jesus Christ, Really is the only true church. 

One lesson after another, Talking with these preachers, always, with respect, The holy ghost truly showed me that there is no other church in the world that has all of the true doctrine. Yes, there are many good churches, but there is only one TRUE church. Crazy how much I learned this week. 

The weekend was filled with conference... we watched it in the church through the web. It was great. Since everyone watched (or didn't watch) at home, it was just us in the church to watch conf. Truly, we are guided by prophets, seers, and revelators. I have no doubt about that. 
I especially like the talks about the book of mormon. One talked about how any living being can have a testimony of this book. I know that this is true. Even people taht can't read can have a testimony. I've seen it happen. 

Sunday, we also received transfer calls... I'm getting transfered. President also called me to be a Zone Leader... YIKES. Totally not prepared.... 

The lord really calls and then Qualify s. not the other way around. 

The really goodnew is I think that my companion will be Elder Rufato... Yes, the same Rufato that saved me wwaaayy back in Aronomia, We are super good friends... He's like a mini Harrison... haha 

Love you all, 
Elder Heiner