Monday, January 25, 2016

Workin hard, or hardly workin?

This week was CRAZY! It seemed like we blinked and the week just happened. We've been running around like a halve dead chicken. Its been good, But even with all the work that we've been doing, We still failed to get all of our investigators in church this Sunday. Bummer. BUT, Its alright, everything happens in its due time. 

Some of the highlights this week have been, 

Well, on Tuesday, and Wednesday  we went out and did divisions with victor, a young man that just moved into out branch. Victors 20 years old and is preparing to serve a mission. He just moved here from cuaiba, which is a city like 500 miles north of porto alegre. Anyways, this kid is just awesome, Super prepared to serve a mission, and just an all around awesome kid. He always gets us to laugh, and he loves coming out with the missionarys. We love taking him along because it really help us out and sometimes hes help out translating our accents,.... ahhahaha. anyways, It was a good old time. WE also had TONS of success these days. Seemed like alot of our appointment just worked out and we were able to find like 4 new awesome families. 

Friday, we worked. ATON. on friday we taught over 10 lesson in one day. It was a day super duper good. Like seriously good. And we were able to meet with some less actives that I didn't even know existed in the city. its was a good day. 

Saturday, we decided to try something different to get people to church so we spent it swing by as many people as we could to get them pumped up for church. By the end of the night, we were feeling pretty sure that we were going to have a ton of people in church... everyone said they were super excited and that they would for sure be there on sunday...  

And then sunday morning rolled around... Its pretty sad to basicly have all your work of the week mean nothing in less than 15 minutes... But! whatever, we have one more week to try and get all of the peeps in the doors of the big white building. !! 

Oh, and I gave a talk in sacrament. GULP. 

Yes, I talked in portuguese, to like 50 people, for 30 minutes. WHAT. 

originally I was only going to talk for like 10... and then the other speaker didn't show up... and as much as everyone like leaving sacrament 40 minutes early, the branch president wouldn't have been too happy about htat 

This transfer has flew by and now we are at the end of it. I'm not sure whats going to happen but theirs a pretty big chance that I'll be heading to a new area. I'm not really sure how I feel about going to a new area, whatever though.  

The one thing that I've learned from this transfer is patience. Me and elder Allen have been pounding this area to the ground. Literally working as hard as possible, and yet, we haven't seen the fruits of our work. something, that at times is pretty frustrating. The lord has a different time schedule than us. At times we want our fruit to be ready immediately, we in reality we all need to wait until fall to harvest. All though me and elder allen haven't been seeing the fruit of our labor, we both know, through dedication and work here that the lord is pleased with what we have been trying to grow. I don't know If I, personaly, will be the one that get to see this area explode, but I do know that the work that I've put in has pleased the lord. 

Love you all, have a safe week
Elder Heiner

Monday, January 18, 2016

Two white americans...

Wellp, this week was pretty good, but Sunday was a pretty big let down. 

So, all of this past transfer, me and elder allan had been working super hard to mark a bunch of baptisms for the end of this month, the 30th, and well Sunday, they pretty much all fell through.

So, for a investigator to get baptized they need to be in church at least 2 times before the baptism. Well, this past sunday was make it or break it because its two sundays out from the 30th.. 

So all week, we were pumping people up for the baptism. Giving super powerful lessons, we made super cool invitations for all of our investigators, stopped by all their houses on saturday, and well we though we were going to have a TON of people in church... So sunday morning, decided to get to chruch early and wait for everyone by the front door.... welll, churchs starts and how many investigators do we have in church? 0.... Yep, Pretty dang big disappointment. but, life goes on. Looks like me and elder allan won't get the opportunity to baptize together, with is a pretty sad thing.. but everything is in the lords time. We were feeling pretty down but then we realized that at the end of the day, we did our part and thats all the lord asks for us. 

Oh, something cool that happened this past week is we got notice that this up coming wendsday we are going to have like general conference for missionarys..  The twelve aparently has some big news to share with us... That should be pretty exciting:):) 

Anywhoe, thats pretty much everything i've got to say. it's been a super hot week again... But thats ok. we are kinda getting used to it... 

Love you all, Hope you have a great week!

Elder Heiner

Monday, January 11, 2016

Woah, woah, woah...

wow.. This week was... HOT. 

seriously, I thought i was getting pretty warm... and then this week happened. hahah, I don't think i've stopped sweating since last Monday.. ahhaha, Its a blast!

Other than it being super duper hot, we got down to work and got a lot done this past week. I don't have alot of time to write this week, so I'll just tell you guys a little about some of our investigators. 

Roberson and family: Super duper awesome family. He married a less active woman( haeile) about 6 years ago. They have two kids and are super duper awesome. They have been searching for a church for quite awhile and finally met with the missionary's. Its super fun to meet with them because their kids LOVE the missionary's. Abousluty love them. Every-time we show up they start getting super excited and start saying that their "tios" are here... or their uncles. super awesome family. 

Elosea, and her daughter, Another family that we meet knocking doors( I swear, I've never had so much success knocking doors until with elder Allan #american-power). They are like our grandma and mom here. Seems like everything we head over their they are feeding us cake or something. ahaha. They have a super strong testimony of the gospel, the only problem is they can't seem to come to church.... Darn it satan. 

Talihna, e taisha. two girls that we found knocking again. They are friends and are super awesome. They are actually immigrants from syria.... But they moved here like 6 years ago. They are both going to college here and are seaching for something to give their life a little more purpose. 

Anyways, things are good. We've got some super good investigators and everything. Me and elder allan keep tearing things up here. Its great to be able to speak english in front of people if we need to talk about something with out everyone else knowing. Its kinda mean, but Its cool at the same time. Since alot of our lunches here just give money, we've been honeing our cooking skill pretty great. This past week we made Eggs in a frame with stragnoff like 3 times #missionarycooking. 

Love you all! Hope you have a good week. Stay safe and if your not safe, Stay smart. 

Elder Heiner

Monday, January 4, 2016


Well, here it is my friends, family, people of the corn. We are officially in the 2016. Woah. hahaha. crazy.

This past year has flew by, absolutely flew by. like super duper quick it flew by. Thats pretty good though, Alot has defiantly changed from the beginning of this past year. 

Anyways, This past week was pretty uneventful... For us anyways. For everyone else, New years is like one of the biggest party of the year. It was pretty funny to working, spreading the Gospel, while everyone else in the city is getting ready to party. hahaha

WE did have some rather awesome success though, We found 3 new family's in the beginning of the week and it's been awesome to be working with them. Just plain awesome. 

One family in particular is super dope, Roberson, and his wife and two kids. His wife was baptized when she was like 10, but by age 15 she became inactive. Well, we were walking down the street Monday after p-day when they called us into their house. LIKE WHAT THE HECK. Turns out they have been trying to find a church that they can raise their family in, but have been unsuccessfully in finding one that answers all of their questions. Well, they saw us waking, called us into their home, and bam... We've got a date set for the 30th. Even better? They asked us when is the soonest that the church has meeting that they can attend. I swear this family is just soo dang awesome. 

The rest of the week we worked super duper hard. Meeting with old gators, Making new investigators, contacting people in the street.. etc. In fact, we actually did better in everyone of our goals this week. It was a tiring week, but definitely a good one. 

Friday, because of the new year we decided to go all out and try eating out at a fancy dancy pizza restaurant. It was awesome. Unlimited pizza brought to you table. Its called rodesio, like rodesio grill in utah, but with pizza. Pizza normal, pizza weird, pizza with chicken heart, liver, and stuff I have no idea what is, and then, They also bring dessert pizzas when your stuff with the normal pizzas. It was super duper awesome... The best part? It was only like 5 american dollars because of the exchange rate right now... hahaha. Pretty great stuff. 

Anyways, things are going good. Me and elder allen are just have an absolute blast together. I'm still pretty shocked the president put the two tallest missionarys together... but hey, It seems to be working so... Tudo bem. 

Love you all! 
Elder Heiner