Monday, July 27, 2015

WELP. I'm here. annnnddd its soooooo dope!


First off, I need to start out by saying... Brasil is the wildest, craziest, place Ive ever even heard about. Seriously though. Everything Here is absoulty bonkers. imagine all the craziness that you hear about russia, people doing crazy stupid thing... up pretty much 10 times that in brasil. 

I finally arrived here in the field on tuesday morning. After spending another two weeks in the mtc I was truelly done with everything that has to do with 'the words M.T.C. seriously though.... Everyday was kinda like relieve a memory you never really wanted to relive... hahah

anywho, after getting off the plane here in porto alegre we met the mission president, President Cruz. He is awesome! the typical Brazilian, crazy, drives like a bat out of hell, loud, constantly joking around and having a good time. I love it! we had dinner at the mission home, (which was amazing, brazilian bbq or churrasco is the bomb diggity) and then after they put me on a bus and shipped me off to my area: PETOLAS. It was a three house bus ride,not too bad. 

After getting off the bus i met my new companion: elder cardoso, A Brazilian! Yeah!! Hes from sao paulo, speaking freaking good english, lovesmusic, and is pretty much the typical brazilian: CRAZY. I love it. hahha! 

Wendsday, we promtly got to work, and have been hard at it ever since. This area is realitily new, and that good for the work, means we have a ton of invesigators. the ward is pretty big, it has about 130 people.... actually i think it was bigger that any ward in florida. hmmm

things are good here in brazil! The language is hard, but its fun to have all though akward converstions with people. I can understand about 80 percent of what people say, but i can have a hard time responding. Im improving though, which is good.

The climate down here is interesting. ITS COLD. VERY COLD. and none of the building have heat... or buses... or cars.... or anything really. Im havent been that cold though' as long as i put of a bunch of layers of clothing and walk really fast. oh that reminds me... we walk EVERYWHERE. I love it. It feels like im walking at least 30 miles a day. The food here is amazing. We usually have lunch with a member everyday(Almoço)  its usually rice and beans with meat. pretty good stuff. 

things are good, im good, and IM happy! Here to the next 20 months in brasil! 

Love you all! 
Elder Heiner

Friday, July 17, 2015


Well, Lets start of by saying.... Brasil is wild. Like super super super super wild. But I absoultly love it here!
The CTM is pretty dang fun. We spend alot of time here studying(AGAIN) and Eating... but Its alot cooler that being in provo. Im compainions with elder efros again, which is fine. we already know how to work together so it was an easy adjustment. the cool thing about being here only for two weeks is they let outside the gates!
We get to go out side and proslite in the street about every other day! its so dang awesome! its been crazy to see the difference between here and florida. In florida it was a struggle to really get any one to talk to us... here... well, all you have to do is open your mouth and people will listen to you... I geuss its  a foreigner thing... ahhah!! Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY loves loves loves the American Missionarys.
The food here is awesome! well, in the mtc anyways! lots of rice and beans... its a good thing that like them.
I think the thing thats truely been the weirdest to see how abosultly massive this city is. the mtc is up on the hill and as you go out and look across the city... its a little bit loco how many building and people live here. As far as the Eye can see... Sky Scrapers. Its crazy. We got the oprotunnity to go to the temple in cauniis this morning. its like a 2 hour bus ride to get there, for two straight hours its just house after house after house.
Portugese is coming. I defeinly feel like its a good thing that ive been able to come here and refresh a little bit, or uhhh relearn cuz I didnt learn it the first time. We teach 3 times a day here, once agian, those fake TRC lessons but its still good. Since me and elder efros have already been in the field its weird to not really worry about teaching a lesson. In provo it would seem like we would prepare all just to teach one... now me and elder efros just kinda look at each other, say what scrptures we are going to share, what we are going to invite them to do and then we just teach.
Ill be leaving here on the 21st , and then I will finally be able to be in porto alegre. About time... nah, its really been good though. i feel very grate fully to be able to have the opprotunity to serve in alot more places than alot of other missionary do. I always thought it would be cool to be able to see and serve so many different people on my mission. I guess Ive had mywish! ahha
I hope everyone is doing well!
Love you all
Elder Heiner

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MTC Round Two

This is going to be short one, but I made it here to Brazil!!!

After 12 hours of flying, a bunch of super confusing conversation, a bunch of plane changes, I made it here!
Sao paulo is beautiful! Crazy busy... AND BIG we drove for like an hour and havle to get from the airport to the mtc... and the mtc is not even in the city.
Things are good! The weather here is alot more moderate than in florida! I can actually walk out side and not be absoultely soaked with sweat... well for this time of the year anyways. it was super foggy when we rolled in this morning, but after it all burned off you could see all the city.
The food here is fantatsic! 10000 times better than any food in the provo mtc. ahhah
Ill be here in the mtc for two weeks, doing a portugese refreasher, and after that I will fly out to porto alegre!
Anyways, everything´s good! Im totally psyched to start the next part of this adventure!
Love you all!
Elder Heiner

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pict's! Last American Day!

One of our Brazilian investigators thought that we it was our birthday: so she gave us these awesome ties! It's was sweet! I'm going to miss the people here.

This is a party that we went too. Everyone in this picture are Brazilians that we have taught in one form or another. They are all super awesome! I'm gunna miss them all!

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Pictures from Florida!

This is a Venezuelan family we are teaching. It goes from left to
right: e. Paiva, me, e. Ogelsby, vivana, Liliaec, Ruth, Miguel

Até logo Florida, Bem-vindos BRAZIL!

Oi, todo! Come vai?!?

Welp, it's here! I'm finally headed out for Brazil! Things have been
great here in Florida, but now it's time to start the next adventure.
3 months, 3 companions, 3 baptisms, 3 languages, and two areas my time
here in Florida has finally come to a close. I'm sad to leave, but I
know that I must have completed my purpose here in Florida because the
lord is now sending me to Brazil. I've had such a wonder experience
here in Florida. I'm so grateful for the opportunity be able to teach
here in the United States. It's been really and I know that things
that I've learned here will help me through out my life.

Even though Today marks the last full day I'll spend in the United
States for 20 months, I couldn't be more excited for the up coming
adventure. I've been lucky to be able to serve this last transfer here
in a Spanish /Portuguese area. I've had the opportunity to spend a
good about of time teaching Brazilians and I already love their
culture and those people. I'm so excited to be able to be fully
Immersed in their culture and spread the gospel in their native

Since I've been doing Spanish and Portuguese work, I've also had the
opportunity to teach so many people from other South American
countries: Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, chile, Peru,
Bolivia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hondura, Venezuela, you name it, I've
people talked to some one from there about their believes and ideals
about God. I've truly come to love people from every part of the

This past week has been filled with a lot of good byes. Unfortunately
I can't take all of the awesome Friends I've made here with me to
Brazil. As we've passed by all the people we've been teach, I've been
saying good bye. It's sad, but I know that I must have complete my
purpose here because the lord is sending me where I need to be. That's
the thing about our Heavenly Father. He will always put us where we
need to be when we need to be their, as long as we are doing the
things that we are supposed to. I know, without a doubt that my time
here in Florida was not a coincidence. If Heavenly Father wanted me to
be in Brazil in April, he very well could have made it happen, but he
didn't. A lot of the time Heavenly Father doesn't answer us on our
time schedule, but that's ok. He know us each individually and puts
answers our prayers when it is expedient to him.

I love all you guys, and I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.
Stay safe everyone! Next time I email I'm sure I'll have a lot of new
things to say.

Love you!
Elder Heiner

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