Monday, December 28, 2015


Sooooo, yeah, this past week has been one really weird one.

Talking to family,
Christmas with out snow,
A new comp,
Running around trying not to get evicted.

Yeah, basically this week was just another week in Brazil.

First off..

I have a new companion.

And he's American!

(The Crowd cheers)

His name is elder Allan, he's from Washington, Seattle. Yes, the most hipsterish place on earth.
He love basketball, Root bear, the 4th of july, football, Cars, Motorcycles, Xbox, and pretty much everything normal. We've been getting along pretty great.

Theres only one problem...

He's taller than me.
Yes, you read that right,
The mission president put the two tallest missionary together. White. Tall. Attractive. Young. Americans. I honestly have no idea what the president Is thinking. It's pretty funny, we'll walk down the street and everyone  will just stare at us. It's pretty great. We get people that come up to us and want to take a picture just because we are" Monstro gringos". It's awesome.

Thats enough bout the new comp. Christmas was pretty chill. We spent Christmas at a members house with the other elders in our district. got to skype our families, eat a bunch of fruit cake, and BBQ, and try not to faint from the heat. Oh yeah thats rights, It was about 40c. Crazy crazy hot.

In brazil christmas really isnt that big of a deal. Pretty much everyone just uses the days off to drink. Its kinda a sad, theres really not much of a Christmas spirit. But, Whatever, Life goes on.

The rest of the week was just filled with too much awesomeness to count. Like, it rained so much that the only bridge to porto alegre floated down the river and the entire city is with out water because of the floods. That part I don't really understand.... Theres so much water but yet, The city doesn't have any... hahaha. Needless to say, I really am wishing for a shower right now.

Anywho, Got to make this short. We have to go run to our landlords house and pay our rent so we dont get evicted. I guess the secretary's forgot again or something.

Love you all!

Elder Heiner

Monday, December 21, 2015


aaalllooooooO world! This week has been crazy crazy crazy. Spent the basicly the entire week running around the Porto alegre. Its been crazy. And I'm tired... really really tired.. But, there ain't no rest for the wicked, so theres defiantly not any for righteous.

anyways, this past week, I killed my companion.. Ok not really, He just finished his mission so we say that he "died". Basicly, because the president extended the transfter one more week, the past week I've been running around with my head chopped off filling in a bunch of little tasks and such that president and the seceraties needed.

It was actually pretty dang fun. I got to see ALOT  of the mission and got to meet alot of new missionary's.

Monday was spend traveling to porto alegre, and helping in the office,

Tuesday I was in a little town outside of POA, helping the LZ's

Tuesday night we were back in Porto alegre to help with the new arriving missionary's.

Wednesday was spend at the Christmas conference. We had to be their super early  to help set up table and projects and stuff. It was waaaayy cool. and wayyy fancy. Made me feel almost like I was back in the states. ahha. We sang, took a bunch of photos, sang so more, ate food, ate more food, sang some more. It was a good time.

Thursday I was back in cachoeira,. help the other elders in the city.

Friday was spend with the other elders helping the sisters move apartments.. that was not fun... Needless to say, I wish they had real pick up trucks here... The little halve piicksups halve cars don't do well with heavy stuff. But we were happy to have the help of the a member.

Saturday was spend back in my area, trying to find a member that is going to stick around town to skype, We haven't found anyone yet... but we are still hope full.. hahaha!!

Sunday was spent back in the other elders area.

And that leads us to today!

Well, I'll be stick it out here in cacheiora for another 6 weeks, but I'll be having a new companion... Who I don't know, or even have the name of yet... BUT I'm sure he'll be great"

I'll get to find out tonight when the bus come in form porto alegre. ... The president has move around how the transfers work... Basicly, Its like  a big secret untill you get a call say your moving... you don't know where, You don't know who you companion is going to be or anything untillyou reach porto alegre.  It pretty cool actually!

Anyways, Thats basicly my week. Nothing to exciting, It was a busy tireing week, but that good. Makes it better where we are busy.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic Christmas!! I'm sure as heck am going to! We don't what or where we are going to go, But it will be aright! hhahah,
Don't forget the true reasons of Christmas: the birth of our savior, the chance to be near our families, and the special Christmas spirit that only comes form giving.

When the 3 wise men came to Jesus, they all brought a special gift that were very precious. Being guided by a star, they left their family's, their riches, there businesses and followed a star to give these gifts to the savior. This Christmas, I'll being doing the same. I've left my life, my family, my job, school, car, motorcycle, and every worldly thing to follow a star. A light that has told me that this is where I need to be. Even though, this Christmas I won't be surround by anything familiar. I wont have A christmas tree, Snow, Lights, Hot chocolatch, Family, Waffles, Christmas music, or even a familiar language.   I know that I'm giving the best gift I can to our savior. The gift of devoting 100. percent of 2 years to his service.  I  challenge every one you to give back a little to the one who gave everything for us. Jesus Christ didn't have to suffer for our sins, He didn't have to come here to the earth to be beaten, tried and crucified, but because of his love for every one of us, He did.

Remember that even if you don't receive anything this Christmas time, We all received a gift greater that we can understand. All we have to do is accept it.

Elder Heiner

Monday, December 7, 2015

Fwd: Woot Woot! BATISMO!

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This week was crazy, like totally running around with ours heads chopped off crazy. But thats good, it keeps us out of trouble. At least we didn't ride the bus... that was nice!

We saw a bunch of really cool milagres this past week, and also got to see some our the success of all our hard work the past few weeks.

On Saturday we had the baptism of Vera. Her son was baptised a couple months ago, but for some reason she was not. Anways, we picked her up as an investigator 2 weeks ago, taught her all the lessons, and baptized this past Saturday. I got to do the dunking with was awesome! She's so happy now and its always so awesome to see the recent converts come out of the water with a big ol' smile. It was a pertty good day.

We are also preparing another family for baptism this up coming week. Miguel and laudess. we've been teaching them for quite awhile, but they haven't ever accepted our invitation to be baptized. Well, on Saturday, they came to the baptism, and It totally changed their outlook on things. Now they can't wait. We've marked the day to be this upcoming Saturday. Please pray for them. 

Man Saturday was just a day of mirical. ALSO on Saturday, after the baptism, we were sitting in the park decompressing a little, when a young man came up and started talking to us. we made small talk for like 10 min, untill he asked if we were the Mormon missionary's. Turns out the missionarys a year ago knocked on his door, gave him a book of mormon, explained a little about it, and then never came back. Well, aparently they did a good job because He's read the entire book, put moronis's promise into actions, and want to be baptized. LIKE WHAT THE WHAT.  We were pretty much shell shocked. ahah. Anywho, we marked a date to stop by again and also, we marked a date of baptism for the beginning of this upcoming year. He's a engineering student and right now is just packed full with test and provas, so he basicly has no time right now. BUT, Hes sooo ready to be baptised its not even funny.

Anywho, thats all I got. I'm pretty much amazzed at all the craziness this past week brought. Its a good craziness though.

Love you all,
Keep toasty, Its about a 110 degrees here. I hear its pretty chilly back home.

Elder Heiner

Monday, November 30, 2015


This weeeks mircales

So this week was pretty great!

Had the opptotunity to go on splits with the zone leaders, set a couple baptismal dates and teach. aton.

So tuesday was splits with the zl's. Its always fun to go one splits because almost always something exciting is going to happen.. Well, on Tuesday we had one of the most spiritual lessons i've had here in brazil.

So we had an appointment with a contact that me and elder villen had made earlier that week, well, the contact didn't work out so, our back up plans were to knock the houses next to him.

Anyways, we started knocking, not having much success, when this group of kids walked pasted us. They were probably like 10 or 12, about 5 of them. They looked like they were going to school. Now, we don't usually make contacts with children, well because... thats just plain creepy but, the spirit told me strongly to start talking to these kids. Anyways, I started some kind of random conversation, I don't remember what about, but eventually, one of the kids asked who we were and what we were doing. After explaining a little bit, one of the kids piped up saying " vocês são mormon, meu mai quer por vocês" or in english, " you're the momons, my mom wants to talk to you".

Well, the little kid grabbed my hand and started walking toward one of the houses that we had previously knocked on. There we met his mom. Turns out shes a less active woman that is going through a really rough day. Anyways, she had been in the backyard, praying, trying to find some comfort in a difficult situations, (hence why she didn't anwser the door), when her son told her that the mormons were here. We then had a lesson about how the savior strengthens us in time of need, and how much he loves us all. It was one of the most spíritual lessons i've ever had. All because of a whisper of the spirit.

Another cool thing that happened this week.

Mom... Don't freak out...

We were mugged!
We are alright, but only because of the book of mormon.

So we were walking back home last night, just minding out business. It was the end of the day and we were super duper tired. Anyways, we were walking down a street the is usually pretty busy, but on Sundays its deserted. This guys come walking towards us super duper quickly shouting " Hand over everything, Cell phone, wallet, Passa tudo" me and elder villena look at each other and just shake out heads in disbelief. We stop and turn around to the guy, and just start saying yeah we'll hand over everything but we don't have much. Just scriptures and these books. The guy then just looks and says, "i don't want any of you books, Those books are of god, and I don't have god anywhere close to me" and then he just ran off.

And that my friends is how you avoid being mugged. Just carry a book of mormon with you.

Anyways, thats All I got.

Love you all"

Elder Heiner

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fwd: This weeks adventure, the bus, HOT WATER, AIR CONDITIONING, THE BUS, and Thanksgiving with a side of sweat.

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Hows everyone doing? hope everyone is doing well! Sorry about last weeks email, but we had to hurry and catch the last bus out of town. Seems like we are always running to try and catch the bus. Anywho, this week was pretty good! spent a good portion of it in porto alegre, but thats alright, we got to have some great experiences there. 

Monday-Tuesday we spent in Porto Alegre. Elder villena had a meeting with all the leader ship in the mission, and of course as his companion I got to tag along.  Monday night was pretty awesome! the temple here in porto alegre just completed a lodging facility to help the member here had the opportunity to do more temple week. Well, turns out on Monday was one of the first days it was open and we got the opportunity to stay their! Its all Americanized and that was waaayy nice. Clean beds, clean showers, and a wonderful thing called air conditioning. needless to say I slept like a baby. The best part was we got to go through the temple on Tuesday morning. The temple here is very similar to the temple in kona Hawaii, where I was able to go through for the first time. It was cool!

Friday we had another meeting in porto alegre. This time with our zone. Got to see some old friends while I was their (elder efros) and listen to a bunch of training and talks. It was pretty good day! always nice to have a day to recharge our batteries to continue to teach. 

The rest of the week was spent on the usual missionary grind! This week our lessons just seemed to click and we had a lot of success. Heres some cool stories from this week. 

On Wednesday we were out walking to a investigators house when we ran into one of our old investigators and Her less active husband. They were one of the first families we had the opportunity teach here in cachoeira, but for some reason they we lost contact with them. We had been trying to contact them but for some reason were unable. anyways, we ran into them in the street and started talking to them when they started shareing something amazing. Turns out they had been going through some extreemly hard things the days before with their daughter. She was in the hospital and had been really really sick. While they were in hospital they began pleading with god to let her live. She had contacted some kind of virus and their wasn't much the doctors could do for her. As they finished their pleading with god the a nurse walked in a stated that she didn't see anything wrong with the child. All the vitals were normal and everything that they had been monitoring seemed to go back to normal. the Doctors did some more tests and found out the it was like nothing was wrong. anywho, this couple had just been thanking god in prayer and were going to pick up their daughter when they met us. The father then broke down crying and just kept saying that he knew what he needed to do now, that the spirit had manifested to him that he needed to bring his family into the church because his daughter had some important work to do and this is why their daughter was healed. It was a pretty cool experiance and now we a  appointment every other day to teach his wife! 

anyways, thats all I got htis week.

Love you all!

Elder Heiner

Monday, November 9, 2015


ALLLLOOOOHHHAAA, no, wait. I'm in Brazil, not Hawaii. 

mui beuen? 

dang it, Almost..

Tudo bem? 

There we go! 

Sorry, Had A little brain fart there. 

hahah, Hope everything's going good this back home. This week was filled with the normal stuff, teaching, preachin, all that jazz. I'll give ya the run down of our shenanigans this week. 

First off,... I didn't ride the bus this week! WOOOOAHHHH. calm down everyone, this is a monumental moment, but there is no need for the rowdyness. 
Although we didn't ride the bus, some thing else decided to come around... the heat. This week has been HOT HOT HOT.  needless to say I kinda feel like I've been taking a shower for the past week. Living with out a car, and with our air conditioning is awful. But, whatever.

We started teaching a awesome new family this week. Jaqulene and Sergio. They are from foraleza and just barely moved here because he got transfered( he in the military). Totally awesome and they accepted to be baptised int he next few week. I'm pumped. 

Yesterday was transfers. I have such a love/hate relationship with transfers. I'll be sticking here in cacheria for another 6 weeks with elder villena, but the rest of our district got transfered. Out of the 8 missionarys in our district, only me and elder villena are going to say. Needless to say this upcoming week we will probably be running around trying to help everyone get their work started. Oh well. We shall see what happens. 

Love you all! 

Elder Heiner

Monday, October 26, 2015

Just another week in the hood.

Well, I'd like to say something exciting happened this week, but really, nothing happened. Oh well, some weeks we fish, some weeks we hunt. This week we definitely hunted.

First off, everything is pretty much back to normal after the big storm we had here. The government sent the what is essentially the national guard in the come and help out with everything. Everyone seems to be in better shape now.

As for the work, things are going good. We spent all week trying to follow up with everyone for baptisms. On Sunday we only had 2 investigator come to church, which was kinda a let down. Basically, everyone we had been preparing for baptism, except for the two that came to church, we had to push back their dates a little more. These are just small problems.

On Friday I was walking down the street and because I'm so tall, I walked right into a hanging garbage can.... I scrapped the top of my head pretty good, and now I have a big old scab on the middle of my forehead. Needless to say, I look pretty dang awesome. No pain, No gain.

Because this week is the last week of the transfer, me and elder villena are pushing really hard to try and get a baptism in before. No saying what will happen with transfers... Its always such a shock to see who is going were.

Well, thats pretty much everything I got.

Love you all,
Have a good week,
Elder Heiner

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fwd: Rain. More Rain. HAIL. More rain.

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Wow, this week was.... Interesting. hahaha

The first of the week was just down right awesome. Seemed like everything was going good with the missionary work. We taught a bunch of lessons, picked a bunch of gators and prepared more people to be baptised. So far we have 3 baptisms coming up, joão and his family, Katrina and her family, and Alexander. please keep them  in your prayers.

Everything was going all fine and dandy until Thursday. we were teaching and just working hard until Thursday night rolled around....

Thursday night it started to rain. And then it rained harder... and harder.. until the rain turned into baseball sized hail. It was exciting to say the least.

First off, nobody was hurt here. Our apartment is fine, but as for all the apartments and casas of almost everyone else... well.... lets just say baseball sized hail and basicly card board for roofs don't mix very well. Alot of houses here are utterly destroyed because of the hail.

so, we spent the rest of the week helping everyone out. Its actually been pretty fun. as of right now everything is back to normal but for 3 days we didnt have power or water and our city was cut of because one of the only bridges in flooded over. Everything is all good now thought, its funny how life just kinda keeps on going even after something crazy happens.

Saturday and Sunday president was in town to give some training to the leadership in our branch. We also had interviews with him.  Interviews with president are always exciting. especially when he's a crazy Brazilian from Rio De Janerio (the equivalent of Jersey Beach here in Brazil). Love him to death though.

Anyways, thats pretty much everything Ive got!!

Love you all,
Hope you have a good week!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Oi everybody!

Well, this week was defienalty very interesting.
The beginning of the week was sssupper slow. just the usual missionary work. The main focus of this past week was to push for baptism. things were good. Although all of our baptism candidates were all pushed back, we still had a good week. Workng hard as always. 

On wendsday night we had a family night with some less actives in the ward. Thats was way fun. I mad pancakes for our "lanche" the loved loved loved them. Although we didnt have any maplle suyrp, I made some kind of sugar concoction out of brown sugar, sugar, and vinilla. they loved em and now the entire ward wants me to make them for them...oh great...

Friday we had BBq for lunch. hhhhaaaaohlh, the entire day I had the meat sweat. It was difficult. ahhaha Brazilian bbq is just fantatistc. seriously, waaaaay melhor de todos os chuarruqo de america. 

sunday we had 20 investigator in church, a new record for the ward. cosisas a boa. 

sunday night was transfers. The big bad transfers. turns out Im gettting transfered to a tiny little town all the way in the north of the mission. WOOT WOOT. THERES ONLY ONE THING THAT THAT MEANS. MOUNTAINS. finally, after forever, in returning to the mountains. or as close as i can get to the mountains here in brazil. 

my new companion is from peru, i dont know much more than this... hahaha, \ill be sure to fill everyone in on the next email.

Well, i hope everyone is doing good. 
love you all,
Elder Heiner

Monday, September 21, 2015

What, another week? loco!

Man this week seemed to fly by super super super super fast. I must have blinked or something cuz i could have sworn that it was only Wednesday.

I think the main reason why this week flew by so fast is because of the fact that we were sooo busy.  Here´s a run down of the week,

All week long we had meeting in the center of pelotas during the morning. This is pretty annoying because of the fact that we only have two option to travel there. 1: take the bus or 2: walk. Well, we don't have enough money to take the bus all week, and to eat... so that basically means we walk. Which is normally fine... but not when you have to wake up a 5:30 and walk an hour and a halve to be in a meeting by 7... Oh well, such is the life here in Brazil. hahahahah, 

The meeting we all about bettering our teaching ability. Apparently the mission has a problem with teaching so the president mandated that the Ap´s go around and train everyone to teach. Again. It was pretty much like being the MTC again... That alright though, I learned so new techniques and It got us out of the apartment earlier... Which is always a good thing. 

Friday, after the meetings we spent preparing for this ward missionary activity. The stake president, in an effort to help us reach our 20 baptisms this month mandated that we have a Ward missionary night. Basically, All the missionary from our zone were to come to our area, and pair up with a member from our ward. Then every Companionship of a missionary and member would take a area of our ward and contact all the less active, Ex-investigators and Potentials in the area. Its a great idea! and It turned out great.. But Friday and Saturday me and elder allef were running around with our head chopped off trying to get it all organized. My eye are still hurting from the 16 hours i spent typing up lists of Less actives.... I guess that what I get for being the only one that knows how to type. ... ahahah, Its all good thought, the activity was a great success. We had almost 42 Companionship's of missionary's working in our ward for over 4 hours... I think it will defiantly help us out.

As far as the people we are teaching, things are going pretty good. We are teaching 4 solid family's that should be getting baptized if they come to sacrament this Sunday. They were set up to be baptized this upcoming week, but none of them made it to sacrament meeting. .. ARRG, the struggle of Sunday morning is real. 

And that was pretty much my week. This upcoming week is the big push to get people baptized.... So im sure things are going to be crazy busy again. ITs been raining the past few days, and everybody is saying that it will probably keep raining untill the end of the month. Thats alright though... Id rather have the rain then HOT SATAN SWEAT know as Pelotas Humidity and sun. Seriously. When the clouds move away and the sun comes out it feel like its 1000 degrees... And it super muggy. Ah, Tudo bem.

Love you all! 
Elder Heiner

Monday, August 31, 2015

Bah!!! Last week of August

Wow. This week started out really really slow, and then slowly got busier and busier. I like things Busy. 

For the First Halve of the week it was straight up knocking doors and trying to find people to teach. we tired a bunch of different things to try and get the work rolling but it seemed like everything was just going sooo slow bbuuuuttt,

Then Thursday Happened. 

On Friday there was a mission conference in porto alegre, no big deal, the mission was renting a bus to take all the missionary from the south up north and then afterwards we would have return on the same bus. No big deal right? just simple catch the bus early in the moring, spend the day in porto alegre, then return late at night. 

Well, Thursday morning we got a call from the mission office saying that because Im an immigrate  I wouldn't be able to ride up with the rest of the missionary because of some Brazilian law or something. I don't exactly know, It had something do with the fact Im a gringo here( YAY!). anyways, the plan was for me to ride up with he other american missionary Thursday night on a different bus, stay the night, attend the conference and then return with my companion Friday night. 

Everything went good until we got to porto alegre. It was me and 7 other Americans. The bus ride was fine, but when we got to porto alegre... Nobody knew what to do next. AND everybody cellphones battery was dead. Just imagine, 8 Americans, various degrees of Portuguese, no cell phone, in the middle of a city of 1,5 million people. Nobody knew exactly how to get to the mission office, nobody knew if we were supposed to wait at the station, or meet the assistants at the mission office. bah, it was crazy. Luckly everything turned out find, some of the elder kind of knew where the mission office was so we decided to try and catch the city bus to it. We kinda wandered around the city for like 4 hours, late at night( I wouldn't recommend it), but eventualy we arrived at the mission office to find a really frantic mission president and Assistants. 

after that things were chill. Stayed the night at the office, woke up, had a Aweosme Mission conference with a member of the seventy, ate one of the most fantastic lunches of my life. seriously, the president took us to a Brazilian restaurant similar to Rodeisan grill. BAh, It make rodesian grill look like fast food. It was sooo delicious. after lunch, wandered around porto alegre for awhile making contacts because the other group of missionary's was in the conference. (My companion, and all the the missionarys I should have been with). got on the bus and Arrived back in pelotas at a lovely 3:00 in the morning. it was a crazy couple of days. 

Sunday was legit! I gave a talk in sacrament. Pretty sure nobody understood me but hey, still stood up and talked for 15 minutes. After sacrament meeting we had a meeting with the stake and ward missionarys. the stake here is really wanting to get a new stake center and to do that the wards need about 50 percent more attendence in sacrament meeting. Because of this the stake has set out a freaking awesome missionary plan. As part of this plan, in the ward im serving in, has set a goal of 30 baptisms this month... Per Dupla of missionarys. BAH. Looks like we are going to be working our pants off to meet that goal. Thats good though. Im excited to Put in my all to try and meet this goal. This month is going to be CRAZY. 

Anywho, hope everyone is Doing awesome! 
Love you all,

Elder Heiner.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Another week

Opia todas Pessoas,
Just another week here in brazil.
I got a new companion! Elder Allef, from barrieah brazil. Hes super super chill! We get along great, things are tranquilo. This means Ive had 7 companions is 4 transfers... what the what.

sooo this week has been a strange one. On tuesday night we got a call from the president, saying that we were to switch areas with the other dupla in our appartment. Dope. kinda strange but whatever.

Soooo that means that our pool of investigator is about.t.... zero. ahahha. the other area has a really hard time time with finding investigators because its kinda a richer area of the city. Tranquile, just means that we get to work harder.

soooo basicly our entire week was spent tracting. im not even kidding, we spend a every day this week knocking doors, talking to people on the street, and trying to find people to teach. we were lucky to be able to teach 4 lesson on the spot but the rest of time was straight up talking to peeps.

Yup, I dont have much else to say, oh, we had conferencia de estaca este emana. IT was dope, president spoke during it. hes definetly has a brazilian way of giving talks... loud and proud.

Annnd that was my week, sorry I dont have much else to say.. thats about it.

Love ya all! have a fantastic week!

Elder Heiner

Monday, August 17, 2015


Awwww , just another freaking fantastic week here brazil. Crazy as always, but all the same super good. This was the last week of the transfer, Pretty crazy, Ive been here in Brasil for six weeks. LOCO. 

Anywho, things were good this week, to start things off on tuesday we had a MASSIVE service project lined up. Here in pelotas it is suppper humid, all the time, winter, summer, spring, fall. They also don't have any sort of ventilation anywhere, the best I've seen so far is little window Air Condition units. And those are in the super nice homes. Anywho, because of this there is mold EVERYWHERE. All the building, homes, churches, walls, have this black scum the grows. Well, to deal with the problem, they just clean everything with bleach every year. So, on tusesday, we helped an investigator scrub everything with bleach in their house. It actually pretty fun. Stink, and pretty gross, but fun at the same time. 

Wednesday, was spend back on the missionary grind, visiting people, sharing the gospel. In the short time that ive been here Ive really come to love the people of Brasil. They are just sooo kind and loving. For example, we were out talking to people on the street and one of people we contacted invited us over for dinner! Unfortunately we had another appointment, but that kind of stuff is pretty much unheard of back home. 

Thursday was interesting, we got a call at about 730 in the morning that our zone was going to have a ''study'' session with President Cruz at 10. So we hurried and left the appartment because it was about an 2 hour walk and we didnt have any money for the bus. #missionaryproblems. Anyways, we made it to the study session, and it was great. President is just like every other brasillian. very very very excited, loud, and crazy. It was good, I think everyone walked away with quite a bit more knowledge on what we can do to improve. 

Friday was the Rodrigeuo, Alicia, and Deisie baptism! Everything went awesome. I got the opprotunity to talk about the gift of the holy ghost... in portugese, in front of 50 people. It went fine, though. or I guess so. The bishop asked me to give a talk in sacrament in two week afterwards so I guess people must have understood me. haha Oh the joys of learning a language. 

Saturday- just a normal Missionary Saturday. Food. Contacts. Lesson. Walking. 

Sunday, Sunday was another great day. I got to confirm Alicia in church. That was awesome, such a spiritual high that carried on through out the day. My first conferição here in brazil. Woot Woot! 

With it being the end of the transfer, this morning we had transfer calls. Turns out elder Cardoso Is outta here! I be staying here in fragata, and Ill get to meet my new companion tomorrow night. Woot WOOT! Super pumeped.

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! 

Amo Voces 
Elder Heiner. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

With love from brasil.

Hello everybody!! This week has been wild. Week two here in Fragrata, Petolas, Brazil. Man, Its still hard to think Im actually in brazil.

Oh, and Please forget the spelling errors... they don't have normal key boards down here and its really hard to type in english... ahhah

This week was filled with a bunch of meetings... I feel like thats all ive been doing since I started this mission thing.... Sitting in meetings.... Oh, well, There are definetly worse things we could be doing.

Its been raining a lot here. Id compare the weather to something like portland oregon. always raining, and always kinda cold. this next week its supposed to warm up quite a bit... like enough to maybe turn on the air conditioning... oh wait... they dont have that here! hahahah tudo bom!

The area I.m in is called fragata, its just outside of a gaint city, (300.000people). its kinda a mix of rural and city life. I love it here! we'll be walking by and have cars driving past and the next thing you know there are 40 horses and carts in the street. pretty wild. ahah

on tuesday we had a zone conference. It was super awesome, there are only like 4 americans in our entire zone.... Its weird to be a minority. ahhaha, I actually understood most of what everybody was talking about and actually gave input. I feel pretty proud of myself. Ive come along way since leaving the mtc in april.

one wendsday we had a meeting with all the distirict leaders. my compainion is the district leader so we had to go to that. I bascily sat in the foyar of the church for like 2 hours while they had their meet and then we took a 2 hour bus ride back to our area. the rest of our night we spent visiting our investigators.

The one thing that is completely different than serving in the states in the pure number of people we are working with. Our invesigator pool is like twenty people of soild probably going to be baptised investigators. Its CRAZY and Awesome!
IT defiently keeps us on our feet... we are constatntly running from appointment to appiontment. It pretty fun.

so far, our next up coming baptisims are going to be:
Desise and Rodrigue and their daughter,
Lucil and Kevin and their family.

This week, in my personal study, I finished the book or mormon again. I made a personal goal to try and read the book of mormon at least once every other transfer. Its been kinda hard to find time down here in brazil, but I finally finished it again. As I read through it this time I focused on the words of christ. This has really strengthed my testimony that christ is truely the living son of god and the the book of mormon is turely another testiment of him. In the entire book or mormon their are about 5 pages that do not make a reference to Him. I know that the book of mormon is true, and that Jesus Christ is the center of this entire gosple.

I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic freaking week!

with love from brazil,
Elder Heiner

Monday, July 27, 2015

WELP. I'm here. annnnddd its soooooo dope!


First off, I need to start out by saying... Brasil is the wildest, craziest, place Ive ever even heard about. Seriously though. Everything Here is absoulty bonkers. imagine all the craziness that you hear about russia, people doing crazy stupid thing... up pretty much 10 times that in brasil. 

I finally arrived here in the field on tuesday morning. After spending another two weeks in the mtc I was truelly done with everything that has to do with 'the words M.T.C. seriously though.... Everyday was kinda like relieve a memory you never really wanted to relive... hahah

anywho, after getting off the plane here in porto alegre we met the mission president, President Cruz. He is awesome! the typical Brazilian, crazy, drives like a bat out of hell, loud, constantly joking around and having a good time. I love it! we had dinner at the mission home, (which was amazing, brazilian bbq or churrasco is the bomb diggity) and then after they put me on a bus and shipped me off to my area: PETOLAS. It was a three house bus ride,not too bad. 

After getting off the bus i met my new companion: elder cardoso, A Brazilian! Yeah!! Hes from sao paulo, speaking freaking good english, lovesmusic, and is pretty much the typical brazilian: CRAZY. I love it. hahha! 

Wendsday, we promtly got to work, and have been hard at it ever since. This area is realitily new, and that good for the work, means we have a ton of invesigators. the ward is pretty big, it has about 130 people.... actually i think it was bigger that any ward in florida. hmmm

things are good here in brazil! The language is hard, but its fun to have all though akward converstions with people. I can understand about 80 percent of what people say, but i can have a hard time responding. Im improving though, which is good.

The climate down here is interesting. ITS COLD. VERY COLD. and none of the building have heat... or buses... or cars.... or anything really. Im havent been that cold though' as long as i put of a bunch of layers of clothing and walk really fast. oh that reminds me... we walk EVERYWHERE. I love it. It feels like im walking at least 30 miles a day. The food here is amazing. We usually have lunch with a member everyday(Almoço)  its usually rice and beans with meat. pretty good stuff. 

things are good, im good, and IM happy! Here to the next 20 months in brasil! 

Love you all! 
Elder Heiner

Friday, July 17, 2015


Well, Lets start of by saying.... Brasil is wild. Like super super super super wild. But I absoultly love it here!
The CTM is pretty dang fun. We spend alot of time here studying(AGAIN) and Eating... but Its alot cooler that being in provo. Im compainions with elder efros again, which is fine. we already know how to work together so it was an easy adjustment. the cool thing about being here only for two weeks is they let outside the gates!
We get to go out side and proslite in the street about every other day! its so dang awesome! its been crazy to see the difference between here and florida. In florida it was a struggle to really get any one to talk to us... here... well, all you have to do is open your mouth and people will listen to you... I geuss its  a foreigner thing... ahhah!! Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY loves loves loves the American Missionarys.
The food here is awesome! well, in the mtc anyways! lots of rice and beans... its a good thing that like them.
I think the thing thats truely been the weirdest to see how abosultly massive this city is. the mtc is up on the hill and as you go out and look across the city... its a little bit loco how many building and people live here. As far as the Eye can see... Sky Scrapers. Its crazy. We got the oprotunnity to go to the temple in cauniis this morning. its like a 2 hour bus ride to get there, for two straight hours its just house after house after house.
Portugese is coming. I defeinly feel like its a good thing that ive been able to come here and refresh a little bit, or uhhh relearn cuz I didnt learn it the first time. We teach 3 times a day here, once agian, those fake TRC lessons but its still good. Since me and elder efros have already been in the field its weird to not really worry about teaching a lesson. In provo it would seem like we would prepare all just to teach one... now me and elder efros just kinda look at each other, say what scrptures we are going to share, what we are going to invite them to do and then we just teach.
Ill be leaving here on the 21st , and then I will finally be able to be in porto alegre. About time... nah, its really been good though. i feel very grate fully to be able to have the opprotunity to serve in alot more places than alot of other missionary do. I always thought it would be cool to be able to see and serve so many different people on my mission. I guess Ive had mywish! ahha
I hope everyone is doing well!
Love you all
Elder Heiner

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MTC Round Two

This is going to be short one, but I made it here to Brazil!!!

After 12 hours of flying, a bunch of super confusing conversation, a bunch of plane changes, I made it here!
Sao paulo is beautiful! Crazy busy... AND BIG we drove for like an hour and havle to get from the airport to the mtc... and the mtc is not even in the city.
Things are good! The weather here is alot more moderate than in florida! I can actually walk out side and not be absoultely soaked with sweat... well for this time of the year anyways. it was super foggy when we rolled in this morning, but after it all burned off you could see all the city.
The food here is fantatsic! 10000 times better than any food in the provo mtc. ahhah
Ill be here in the mtc for two weeks, doing a portugese refreasher, and after that I will fly out to porto alegre!
Anyways, everything´s good! Im totally psyched to start the next part of this adventure!
Love you all!
Elder Heiner

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pict's! Last American Day!

One of our Brazilian investigators thought that we it was our birthday: so she gave us these awesome ties! It's was sweet! I'm going to miss the people here.

This is a party that we went too. Everyone in this picture are Brazilians that we have taught in one form or another. They are all super awesome! I'm gunna miss them all!

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Pictures from Florida!

This is a Venezuelan family we are teaching. It goes from left to
right: e. Paiva, me, e. Ogelsby, vivana, Liliaec, Ruth, Miguel

Até logo Florida, Bem-vindos BRAZIL!

Oi, todo! Come vai?!?

Welp, it's here! I'm finally headed out for Brazil! Things have been
great here in Florida, but now it's time to start the next adventure.
3 months, 3 companions, 3 baptisms, 3 languages, and two areas my time
here in Florida has finally come to a close. I'm sad to leave, but I
know that I must have completed my purpose here in Florida because the
lord is now sending me to Brazil. I've had such a wonder experience
here in Florida. I'm so grateful for the opportunity be able to teach
here in the United States. It's been really and I know that things
that I've learned here will help me through out my life.

Even though Today marks the last full day I'll spend in the United
States for 20 months, I couldn't be more excited for the up coming
adventure. I've been lucky to be able to serve this last transfer here
in a Spanish /Portuguese area. I've had the opportunity to spend a
good about of time teaching Brazilians and I already love their
culture and those people. I'm so excited to be able to be fully
Immersed in their culture and spread the gospel in their native

Since I've been doing Spanish and Portuguese work, I've also had the
opportunity to teach so many people from other South American
countries: Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, chile, Peru,
Bolivia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hondura, Venezuela, you name it, I've
people talked to some one from there about their believes and ideals
about God. I've truly come to love people from every part of the

This past week has been filled with a lot of good byes. Unfortunately
I can't take all of the awesome Friends I've made here with me to
Brazil. As we've passed by all the people we've been teach, I've been
saying good bye. It's sad, but I know that I must have complete my
purpose here because the lord is sending me where I need to be. That's
the thing about our Heavenly Father. He will always put us where we
need to be when we need to be their, as long as we are doing the
things that we are supposed to. I know, without a doubt that my time
here in Florida was not a coincidence. If Heavenly Father wanted me to
be in Brazil in April, he very well could have made it happen, but he
didn't. A lot of the time Heavenly Father doesn't answer us on our
time schedule, but that's ok. He know us each individually and puts
answers our prayers when it is expedient to him.

I love all you guys, and I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.
Stay safe everyone! Next time I email I'm sure I'll have a lot of new
things to say.

Love you!
Elder Heiner

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Monday, June 15, 2015


Another Freaky Deaky Week.

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is doing well. It's just been another crazy week here in the FOM. It's been getting hotter down here in florida. Freakishly hot. I'm not the biggest fan of it.... but what ever.. only a couple more weeks and I'll be in Brazil!!:) This week has been a busy one. We came out on top of our zone for number  of lessons taught, so that was good. I guess when you just set you mind to it and get to work, things just seem to fall in place. Heres the highlights of the week

Tuesday: Tuesday was a good day. Started out like normal with studies and such. After we got out, we pick up like 3 new investigator from just walking around and talking to everybody. It was awesome. We probably talked to like 30 people with in 4 hours. Defiantly pretty awesome. in the evening we had a couple member presents that were legit. WE had a way cool lesson with an investigator were a recent convert came out with us. It so awesome to see the fire in a recent convert as they testify to others about there conversion. its a way cool and awesome experience. 

Wednesday: wesdaday was a hot hot hot day. We spend the majority of it out side doing service for an investigator. it was dope. I always love working with my hand. After we got done with that we went over to our brazilian investigators house and where she told us she needed help removing a tree stump from the front yard. there fore, we decided to help her our right then and there. so, all three of us in our white shirts and ties just went ham on this big 3 foot palm tree stump. we tore the thing out in like 30 min. it was awesome. Our white shirts weren't so white after that. after that we had a super spiritual and awesome lesson with her about the word of wisdom. It was an awesome night.

Thursday: Thursday was another hot hot hot day. I'm pretty grateful that we are full car. As much fun as it is to bike, it's not fun when it's like 400000 degrees outside. Thursday we has a bunch of super sweet lessons in our apartment complex. that was awesome because we didn't even have to drive anywhere all day. we just walked across to the next building where we had 6 lessons. it was dope.

Friday: Friday was just average day of missionary work. Knocking doors, meeting members. nothing to excited, just the usual.  

Saturday was way cool. we got permission from president to watch meet the mormons with a recent convert and her family. Her name is Maritlene, and she just moved her from Sao Paulo with her family. She's the one with the super awesome and sweet little girls. anyways, she was having some family over for the weekend and she wanted us to come over and teach them, but she was worried because they all thought mormons were super weird. anyways, we decided that if we watched meet the mormon with them and then answered any of their questions that it would be pretty effective. so we watched the movie and then answered the families questions. they were all super nice, and it was awesome to meet more brazilians. every chance i get to learn more about the Brazilian culture the more I fall in love with it. I'm so excited to be able to continue  part two of this adventure in brazil. 

After that we went and had some lessons with those people we met earlier in the week. they went well, and hopefully they will want to continue to meet with us. 

Sunday was awesome! It was my second week in the spanish group, and it so cool to be able to got to church and understand nothing but understand everything. it's great. We had 3 investigators come to church so that was awesome! I've really come to love sunday. They always seem to recharge our spirits for the upcoming week.

I love being here in the spanish area. I can hardly understand or speak any spanish, but I love the people here. Everyone is just so kind and loving. For example, the members LOVE to feed us here. It's actually kinda a problem. sometimes we get feed like 3 times a night. we will be driving to a lesson and members will just call us and INSIST that we come over to their house to eat. I'm kinda worried that I'm going to be putting on so much weight. Oh well, its good that the members really want to take care of us here. Im sure once I get to brazil, it will be a completely different story. 

Anyways, that's the lowdown of our week! I hope everyone is doing well, and if anyone want to write me, I would love to hear from you!

With love, 

Elder Heiner 

Monday, June 1, 2015



Welp. It's official, I've been out in the field a whole six weeks and
counting. Crazy! It seems like just yesterday I just barely getting to
the Mtc. Time really seems to be flying.

This past week was really interesting. Started out really good, had
some disappointments in the middle, and then slowly got better. Here's
the skinny on the winnings.

Post p-day adventures: well, after pday on Monday, we went out and
saw clorisa and the Fam. They are just so awesome. Sooo sooo awesome.
Well, anywho, they had their baptism date here on the 30th and 31st.
Well, as we get there and we start making plans and such, she starts
talking like it will be later this month. Hahah, apparently there was
some miss communication because she was under the impression that it
was going to be the weekend of the 13th. Long story short, she has
already planned a vacation Saturday and Sunday. We shoot, looks like
they couldn't get baptized this week but oh well. We rescheduled
everything and the new date will be the 13th and 14th. That was kinda
a let down, but it's all good. After that, we went over and spent some
time with a less active named Mathew Wallace. He's like 20 years old,
and really had a rough life. Love the kid to death, he has such a big
heart and it's awesome to see him begin to change his life around.

Tuesday: Tuesday was psychotically busy. We taught like 8 lessons that
day. It was really really busy, but it was fun. They were mostly a mix
of larc lessons and then a couple new investigator lessons. Nothing
too exciting, just standard run of the mill lessons, it was just hard
to try and fit that many in one day, we did it though and it was
awesome. Tuesday night, we also went on another exchange. This time, I
went up to veira with elder Lauritzen and elder Davis stayed down here
with elder lefholtz. we were exchanging with the zone leaders this
time. Elder Lauritzen is a total boss. Super funny, super loving guy.
We got along great! It was awesome. He from maple hill Utah, which is
apparently just Spanish fork with a fancy name. Hahah

Wendsday: wooooohooo! Hump day!! Being up I. Veira was dope! we
started out in the morning by going up and doing service at a older
lady's home. We mowed the lawn, trimmed some bushes, and then we
cleaned her pool. Hanna, never thought I'd get to clean a pool. It was
fun though!! I really miss working outside. I've really come to love
doing hard physical labor, and getting a taste of it was good. Now to
get my hands on a chainsaw......

Thursday: district meeting! District meetings are always fun. We have
a tiny winy district so they get kinda quite., but it's all good.
After district meeting we went out and and did a ton of stop bys. It
was good, we tried our best to get I. Contact with a bunch of former
investigators, potentials, and referrals. It was good stuff. After
that we went out and taught clorisa again. This time we talked about
potential. We shared the Mormon message that talks about the guy on
the cruise ship, who unknowingly stayed in his cabin the entire cruise
to save money, even though the price of the ticket included everything
on the ship. We then talked little more about their potential in the
gospel and how by being righteous they can obtain their full
potential. It was an awesome lesson and the spirit was amazingly

Friday: Friday was weekly planning. Therefore we really only got out
between 6:00 and 9:00. We spent the majority of the time learning
trying to track down a member who had just moved in. It was fun, seems
like no matter where you are, Friday nights are always fun.

Saturday: party day! So remember the salazars? The ones that took us
to their beach house for their family party? Well they threw another
graduation party for their son, Andrew. (Must be a Latin thing)
anyways it was at the church and their was going to be ATON of Andrews
friends their, therefore, we decide to go and see if we could go and
find some one to teach. To our surprise, Andrews friends were super
interested in us and listened to a lot of what we had to say. It was
rad. Plus, sister Salazar made a tone of Peruvian food. It was
delicious. It was a way cool experience.

We also got calls about transfers Saturday night. Everyone's
amazement, I'm getting transfer outta here. Crazy I know!?!?
Apparently I'm just too awesome that president berry wants me to go
somewhere else already. I'm not even fully trained yet.... Hahaha
whatever though. My guess is that my visa will be here soon so
president wants me closer to the mission office for logistical
reasons. I'm excited, I wanted to see as much of Florida as I could
while I'm here, and so far I'm getting my wish.

Sunday: just the usual Sunday with lots of meetings. It was also
filled with a lot of goodbyes. I really do love the ward out here and
I've made a ton of awesome friends. It's sad to be going but, I'll go
where the lord wants me to go.

Anywho, I hope everything is going good with you guys. Let me know if
there is anything I can do for any of you.

Much love,
Elder Heiner

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Monday, May 25, 2015

More Pictures

Elder Davis at his finest

Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. all the way back at the mtc


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Begin forwarded message:

From: Justin Heiner <>
Date: May 25, 2015 at 10:06:24 AM EDT
To: "" <>, Nicole Heiner <>,  Val Heiner <>, Bryan Heiner <>,  Breea Heiner <>, Andrew Heiner <>,  Virginia Heiner <>, Dakota Bullock <>,  Brittany Roeder <>, Linn Bergeson <>,  Bonnie Evans <>, "" <>,  Harrison Mayer <>, Sidnee Haderlie <>,  "" <>, Megan Spehar <>,  Haley Sorenson <>,  "" <>,  "" <>,  "" <>
Subject: DO BATISMO!

Oh my, what a crazy crazy week this past week has been! I feel like
every week just keeps getting crazier. It's good though! Gotta keep
busy so I'll stay out of trouble. Here's the skinny on the past week.

Monday: oh you know, just a normal P-day Monday. We pretty much sit
around the church all day and play basketball or soccer or whatever.
It's really just too hot to do anything else. This past week was CRAZY
hot. Well to me anyways, it got up to about 95 and 85% humidity. It
was rough. After pday ended we went and visited the Vargas family with
a member. The Vargas family is awesome! It's a mom and her three
daughters all in high school. The girls don't really like coming to
church but the mom makes them. go figure right? What teenager wants to
go to church. The member that when with is a total Boss. Brother
Whitaker is his name. Until about four years ago he was a drug dealer
in Orlando. Then one day he decided he had enough of that life and
walked into the nearest church he could find. He's now done a total
one eighty. He goes out with us whenever he gets the chance. He's
really wild though, which makes for anytime we are with him a good

Tuesday: after studies we went out and did some service with a member
at a non members house. She had some bags of mulch that we spread
around. It's always good to get down a dirty in the dirt. After wards
we got the chance to have a really conversation with her about God and
what she's believes(she Buddhist), she wasn't interested in learning
more, but that all good. After that we went a taught clorisa and her
family. Their family is wild! But also way fun. They are all
progressing way good and are going to be baptized really soon. It'll
be awesome!

Wednesday: Wednesday was craaaazzyyyy! In the morning we had studies
then, we had district meeting, after district meeting we went out to
dinner at Taco Bell. But when we got back to the apartment to head out
for the day, the other elders called us and asked if we could help
them move. So, we went over and helped them move all their stuff with
elder bori from the mission office. That took the majority of the day,
well until our appointment in the evening. After appointment, we were
biking back and it just started to pour! Absolutely torrential
downpour. Made for and interesting ride back to apartment. Wednesday
night we also went on exchanges. Elder Cowan came over into our area
with me, and elder Davis went down to the coco elders area with elder
coon. Twas good. Oh! We also got to see a rocket launch! That was
wicked, we totally could feel the entire town shake from the launch
like 15 miles away. I'd really like to see one up close. One day

Thursday. Phew, Thursday, I got to lead out the area for the first
time. It was a little stressful, but still good. We decided that in
the afternoon before dinner we were going to work on getting a new
investigator. So we went around a tried to and hit up all the
potentials in a specific area,
Well as we were going around doing this, we came to one lady's house
and right as we pulled up on our bikes, an ambulance and firetruck
pulled into the drive way with their lights on and stuff. It was
freaky. Well we decided to wait for a minute and see what was going on
and more importantly if we could help at all. Well we got told to go
away by one of the firemen. So we went on our merry way, it's was
crazy though. I guess God was telling us not to visit that place right
then.  After dinner, (we want to Cracker Barrel again with a ward
member)  we want and had baptismal interviews with clarrisa and her
family. So far the tentative date is on Saturday. Should be pretty
awesome! Talking with the family, it seems like Tyler, her son wants
me to baptize him. Wooohooo! Things are gunna be good this next

Friday: Friday was pretty cool, we spent a lot of Friday in the
apartment due to having weekly planning, and then also studies. It was
interesting, hahahah, ok it was pretty boring, but whatever. You win
some you lose some. We finally got out of the apartment at like
6:00ish we went over the a members house, the salazars. Awesome
family, their son graduated this week so they had a whole bunch of
family over to celebrate. It was cool to meet so many new people and
to share the gospel with them. Twas good. After that we ran on over
the see a less active family, the bakers. They are way cool, sister
bakers has ms so it's really hard for them to come to church when she
has bad days. We just reassured them that if they really try there
best then the lord understands.

Saturday: Saturday was a freaking blast. So at dinner on Friday night
we got invited by the salazars to go to their beach house and teach
some more of their family in cape conavirel. So we called the mission
president and asked if it would be ok, and to our amazement he said it
would be just fine. So, at noon, we met up with the salazars and they
took us to their beach house. It was pretty dope. Their was a lot of
people their. The salazars are from Peru so, they had sooo much yummy
Peruvian food. My favorite thing was probably the cervejche. It's like
fish that is cooked only using lime juice. Kinda like sushi. It was
delicious though. We taught a lot of people at their though, so it was
pretty good that we went. Plus it was a blast!

Sunday, ehh, you know normal Sunday, nothing too exciting. Finalized
plans with the ward for a couple less active in the ward. Hopefully
the ward will follow though this week and go out and visit some
people. Sunday night we went and took the sacrament to a couple people
that didn't make it to church because of illness, and then we went and
visited clorisa and her family.

This up coming week should be pretty legit. Lots of stuff to do, which
is good. Oh, also, everyone from my Mtc district but me and elder
efros got their visas and shipped off to Brazil. Apparently I'm just
special enough to stay here in Florida. It'll be interesting how long
I end up staying here. Mostly because everyday I'm out here my
Portuguese gets worse and worse. Todo bom though!
Oh also, we got Tyler and clorisa's baptism on Saturday. I'm so
psyched for that. Hmmmm, annndd that's about it. I'm sure some kind of
adventure will happen though.

I hope everyone has a fan-freaking-tastic day! Just remember
The church is still true,
The book is still blue,
Jesus loves you!

Elder Heiner,

PS: if anyone wants to write me a letter or anything, my address is
Justin Heiner
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Monday, April 27, 2015

1st week in Florida!!

Hello yall!

Holy cow this week has been crazy!!!! 
Florida is fantastic! The people here are nice! The weather is nice(bluueeee sky baby). My companion is great. Things are great!
 I'll just go through and give a run down of this week.

Monday- Me and elder efros woke up at 4:00 in the morning because we had to leave the Mtc at 5:00. Early I know... Hahahahah. So we woke up and rode the train to the airport. Anywho, long story short we finally flew out at like 10:00. The flight was good. Kinda bumpy but good! When we got to the airport where president and sister berry were waiting! They are so awesome and sweet. They are from draper utah, right next to the temple. They have a bunch of kids and grandkids. After we got all our luggage and such we went down to a church in Orlando to have a welcoming dinner. Some of the sisters from that ward cooked bbq and holy cow it was soooooooo good. In fact, pretty much all the food down here is delicious. Hmmm, I can taste my lovely figure slipping away every moment I'm down here. Hahahahah anyways, after that dinner we went back to the Mission home to stay the night. At that point I was pretty exhausted so I just went pretty much strait to bed. 

Tuesday- Tuesday morning we woke up and we then were shipped over to the church again. We did a bunch of super boring training stuff and then after we got to meet our new companions. Elder Davis is pretty sweet! He's from Spanish fart Utah, graduated from Spanish fart high school in 2014, He loves huntin, n fishin, n shootin, n hikin. He basically grew up In America fork canyon. We get along great!! Anyways, after we met our trainers and stuff, we got assigned our area which is Titusville! It's a little town near Kennedy space center! It's well.... Kinda a hood I guess. Well it's a lot more hooded than any part of Utah. Hahahahah anyways, it's a pretty great place. There are definitely two truths about Florida. One: everyone here is old. Two:it's hot and sunny. Hahahahah. I like it though, we get all sorts of fun toys, like ipads(which are fantastic) and bikes. It's pretty fun! Tuesday night we taught a lesson to an older member couple in Cracker Barrel. It's was interesting, add together the fact that they Are old and then add the fact that Cracker Barrel is super noisy and your gunna have a bad time. It was fun to try though. After that we also taught a lesson to some less active members the castios. They are super funny and cool. There's only three of them there: John, his wife and his Puerto Rican mother. They said that they would be coming to church on Sunday so hopefully they will.

Wednesday- well Wednesday was my first "full day" it was pretty bomber. We went less active huntin. We spent all day searching for less actives and where they are and if they had moved or not. It was a lot of biking. Now about my bike.... Hahhahaha. Well it's a POS. Since I'm only going to be here for a little while they just let me use one of the mission loner bikes. Come to find out, they don't even have a bike that is my right size. I should be riding a extra large frame because I'm so tall, well they biggest they had was a medium frame. It looks like a giant on a little kids bike. Hahahahah Yeah, it makes me a little mad because I Know I'm gunna be wrecking my knees by riding this for very long. Ain't nobody got time for that. I tried talking to the mission president and well he basically said to suck it up. Hahahahahha, so I guess I'll just make do. Anywho, we just spent the majority of the day knocking on doors trying to find investigator, less actives, etc. it was good! We found two new potential investigators and found out that the majority of the less active members had moved. Sad but I guess it happens a lot down here.

Thursday- Thursday we taught a lesson to an investigator, Clarissa, and her family. They are soo nice and awesome. They just happened to bump in the missionary's on the street and wanted to hear more. This was probably the 5th lesson that she had been taught so she knew elder Davis really well. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance that is plays in our everyday life. It went really well. We asked her to pray about being baptized into this church and she said that she would so we'll see how it goes. 

Friday- Friday'stc are the missions planning days. A lot of Friday is spent in the apartment planning for the week. Honestly it felt pretty weird to do it hahaha. I felt almost guilty. Anyways, after we had planned everything out for next week we went down to see a member of the ward who is paralyzed from the waist down: Brother Sam Woodard. He's a way way way cool guy he has a super strong testimony even though he has been through so much. He was in a accident when he was 26 or something like that. Before that he actually served a mission in the Utah north mission. One of his areas was actually bountiful! It's such a small world. 

Saturday was a crazy busy day. We woke up like normal and did our study's and such. It after that we had a church picnic that we went to. It was cool! It was pretty good because there were probably just as many non members as their were non members. We got to talk to a lot of people. This ward is awesome, it's a little older(ok, a lot older) but that doesn't matter that much. After the appointment we went and taught 5 different lessons. It was busy. We had to hustle to make them all on time. It was fun.

Sunday was pretty good. Church was fun! We got Clarissa and her family to make it to Sunday school and to the third hour. She didn't make it in time to get to sacrament, so I think our lessons this week are going to focus on why sacrament meeting is so important. Offer church we had more meetings. Yup, pretty much what I expected.... Being at the church for super super long time. Oh well, such is the life of a missionary. 

This mission is pretty weird I guess. There are quite a few things that are a lot different than I thought they would be. For example, music. I always it was motab and classical music. Nope. Hahaha, the mission president basically lets the missionary's make the choice for themselves on what they listen to. Everything from rock to well everything. He just told us that if we can feel the spirit while listening to it, it's alright. It's freaking great!!! Music is my life, so being able to hear most if not all of my favorite songs is fantastic. 

Another thing is that we get iPads. They are the single greatest tool we have. Our area book is all digital now, and it make tracking people down soooooo much easier. We have all their phone numbers, addresses, lesson reports, etc right at our finger tips. It also lets us schedule appointments and then sends the investigators an email saying when we will be there. It's fantastic. 

We get a 50/50 split with the sisters on a car. One week on, one week off. Pretty bomber. 

Anyways, that's pretty much it! It so good to finally get to work instead of sittin around. Florida's  great! I'd love to hear from anyone. My email is:

Love ya!
Elder Heiner 

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