Monday, May 9, 2016

The weekly lift.

Well well well,

This week was just another week on the crazy farm. 

Got to talk to my peeps(the fam) on Sunday. You guys all look great, (Love you)

The rest of our week was filled with a ton of work. The past few weeks we have been working our heads of trying to find another baptism... We keep finding new people to teach but... They all need to get married. Like what the heck, What a problem to have, we keep finding family's to teach. Its pretty crazy. 

This past week we been focuzing on rogeiro and martizete. They are a not all member family that we have been trying to get married for the past... forever. We keep running into road blocks with the government thought. The government here really like to take money from the people.... therefore they do everything they can to prevent people from getting married for free. the struggle is real. 

We also have been teaching our familys from uruguai. I've been practicing my Spanish.. It's pretty awful, but then again so is the beginning of any language. 

We had zone meeting on Thursday. It was fun to see my peeps. Gotta love em all.

the rest of the week was just work like normal . 

Love you all, 
Elder Heiner

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