Monday, June 13, 2016


Welp, this week we had another baptism. It was great! Rogeiro, Ismael and Lurdes are all members of the church now and they can start to recieve all the blessing pomised to them. 

This week was just crazy trying to set everything in place. To make matters worse Its like we only had 4 day this week work instead of 7. We had a couple zone conferences, and then we went to the temple! I love the temple so dang much!!  Freak do I love the temple. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that we have to have a temple here in porto alegre. 

It's kinda weird though. This city has a temple, but It only open from 4-10 5 days a week. Pretty sad. The mission president has set a new goal to bring more people to the temple. Therefore, this upcoming week we will be going to the temple again, but this time to do baptism with our recent converts!! woot woo!!

The rest of the week we spent doing a whole of finding. I'm not really sure what happened this past week but we had a super hard time finding new people to teach. Crazy. I think It's the cold that is making it happen. This past week it got down to about 33 degrees. Everyone was flipping out. My comp thought that his hands were going to fall off. I had to explain to him how to keep warm when it gets cold like this... Weird to think that pretty much everyone here has never experienced snow. I think I would be quite the trip for them ahahaha. 

I don't have much time today. We are moving apartments today. We are going to be living with the other elders that work in our ward... Elder Rufato, and Elder Kime.... ahha, I'll be living with everyone thats already been my companion. It's going to be tight. I'm super pumped. 

This week I was thoroughly struck by the faith that this couple that we baptized have. Ismael and Lurdes are only 19 years old. We metem because they decided to come to church one Sunday, looking for help. They live in a house that is less that 10 feet wide by 10 feet wide. They have 2 kids, One Danilo is 4 years old, and Taylor, has less than 1 month. Every time that we when to their house they love our message, and when we left them  with a assignment or invite to do somethings, they always do 10 times what we asked. Ismael has read 3/4 of the book of Mormon is less that a month. something amazing for someone who has never read more that 5 paragraphs before.

The amazing thing about this couple is the fact that Ismael, he don't have a his left leg. It was amputated after a car accident, and lurdres has had a life full of difficult after here mom and dad kicked her out of the house at only 12 years old. They are going through so much, yet they are so happy and have embraced the gospel so well. Even though they don't have much, they are grateful for what they do have. 

Its amazing how the lord works. His work is strange at times, and difficult for us to really understand, but when we are will to humble ourself and really listen to the stories that people have, we can truely see the infuence that god has in the lives of people. Before the mission, I don't think I would have even talked to these two, Now, great friends. 

I know that God loves us. That he is listening to our prayers. He stands by us when we need help and send angels when we can't do it along. The gospel bring peace to our lives. Jesus Christ is our savior. 

Love you all, 
Elder Heiner

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