Thursday, March 5, 2015

The PRE-Mission Post.

Hello everybody! If you're here wondering what the heck this is then let me explain a little bit. Starting next Wednesday, March 11th  I will be embarking on a pretty big adventure to Brazil for two years. I'll be leaving my family, my friends, my job, and well pretty much my entire life to go and teach the people of Brazil the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It's pretty crazy I know, but I know that by doing this I will be spreading joy and light to people that are searching for it . Now what's this blog all about then? Well, while I'm serving in Brazil I get to keep in contact through family and friends through email. Once I week I'll get what's called a Preparation day, in which I'll prepare for the rest of the week. It's also when I'll get to email people. Now blogger has this cool feature that allows for me to be able to post to the blog through email. Connect the dot's and you get the picture. Hopefully I'll be able to continue to post to the blog throughout my mission, but rules change, life happens and sometimes you don't get what you want. So if I stop posting for awhile don't worry! I'm still alive(probably), just expect to hear me from me in two years. Thanks for coming to check out what this is all about and I hope everybody gets to enjoy hearing about all the craziness that about to happen in my life.

Also, Here's a random picture of the Porto Alegre  Temple

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  1. Go goth and share Tay! You are going to be missed greatly. Love you!