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Subject: DO BATISMO!

Oh my, what a crazy crazy week this past week has been! I feel like
every week just keeps getting crazier. It's good though! Gotta keep
busy so I'll stay out of trouble. Here's the skinny on the past week.

Monday: oh you know, just a normal P-day Monday. We pretty much sit
around the church all day and play basketball or soccer or whatever.
It's really just too hot to do anything else. This past week was CRAZY
hot. Well to me anyways, it got up to about 95 and 85% humidity. It
was rough. After pday ended we went and visited the Vargas family with
a member. The Vargas family is awesome! It's a mom and her three
daughters all in high school. The girls don't really like coming to
church but the mom makes them. go figure right? What teenager wants to
go to church. The member that when with is a total Boss. Brother
Whitaker is his name. Until about four years ago he was a drug dealer
in Orlando. Then one day he decided he had enough of that life and
walked into the nearest church he could find. He's now done a total
one eighty. He goes out with us whenever he gets the chance. He's
really wild though, which makes for anytime we are with him a good

Tuesday: after studies we went out and did some service with a member
at a non members house. She had some bags of mulch that we spread
around. It's always good to get down a dirty in the dirt. After wards
we got the chance to have a really conversation with her about God and
what she's believes(she Buddhist), she wasn't interested in learning
more, but that all good. After that we went a taught clorisa and her
family. Their family is wild! But also way fun. They are all
progressing way good and are going to be baptized really soon. It'll
be awesome!

Wednesday: Wednesday was craaaazzyyyy! In the morning we had studies
then, we had district meeting, after district meeting we went out to
dinner at Taco Bell. But when we got back to the apartment to head out
for the day, the other elders called us and asked if we could help
them move. So, we went over and helped them move all their stuff with
elder bori from the mission office. That took the majority of the day,
well until our appointment in the evening. After appointment, we were
biking back and it just started to pour! Absolutely torrential
downpour. Made for and interesting ride back to apartment. Wednesday
night we also went on exchanges. Elder Cowan came over into our area
with me, and elder Davis went down to the coco elders area with elder
coon. Twas good. Oh! We also got to see a rocket launch! That was
wicked, we totally could feel the entire town shake from the launch
like 15 miles away. I'd really like to see one up close. One day

Thursday. Phew, Thursday, I got to lead out the area for the first
time. It was a little stressful, but still good. We decided that in
the afternoon before dinner we were going to work on getting a new
investigator. So we went around a tried to and hit up all the
potentials in a specific area,
Well as we were going around doing this, we came to one lady's house
and right as we pulled up on our bikes, an ambulance and firetruck
pulled into the drive way with their lights on and stuff. It was
freaky. Well we decided to wait for a minute and see what was going on
and more importantly if we could help at all. Well we got told to go
away by one of the firemen. So we went on our merry way, it's was
crazy though. I guess God was telling us not to visit that place right
then.  After dinner, (we want to Cracker Barrel again with a ward
member)  we want and had baptismal interviews with clarrisa and her
family. So far the tentative date is on Saturday. Should be pretty
awesome! Talking with the family, it seems like Tyler, her son wants
me to baptize him. Wooohooo! Things are gunna be good this next

Friday: Friday was pretty cool, we spent a lot of Friday in the
apartment due to having weekly planning, and then also studies. It was
interesting, hahahah, ok it was pretty boring, but whatever. You win
some you lose some. We finally got out of the apartment at like
6:00ish we went over the a members house, the salazars. Awesome
family, their son graduated this week so they had a whole bunch of
family over to celebrate. It was cool to meet so many new people and
to share the gospel with them. Twas good. After that we ran on over
the see a less active family, the bakers. They are way cool, sister
bakers has ms so it's really hard for them to come to church when she
has bad days. We just reassured them that if they really try there
best then the lord understands.

Saturday: Saturday was a freaking blast. So at dinner on Friday night
we got invited by the salazars to go to their beach house and teach
some more of their family in cape conavirel. So we called the mission
president and asked if it would be ok, and to our amazement he said it
would be just fine. So, at noon, we met up with the salazars and they
took us to their beach house. It was pretty dope. Their was a lot of
people their. The salazars are from Peru so, they had sooo much yummy
Peruvian food. My favorite thing was probably the cervejche. It's like
fish that is cooked only using lime juice. Kinda like sushi. It was
delicious though. We taught a lot of people at their though, so it was
pretty good that we went. Plus it was a blast!

Sunday, ehh, you know normal Sunday, nothing too exciting. Finalized
plans with the ward for a couple less active in the ward. Hopefully
the ward will follow though this week and go out and visit some
people. Sunday night we went and took the sacrament to a couple people
that didn't make it to church because of illness, and then we went and
visited clorisa and her family.

This up coming week should be pretty legit. Lots of stuff to do, which
is good. Oh, also, everyone from my Mtc district but me and elder
efros got their visas and shipped off to Brazil. Apparently I'm just
special enough to stay here in Florida. It'll be interesting how long
I end up staying here. Mostly because everyday I'm out here my
Portuguese gets worse and worse. Todo bom though!
Oh also, we got Tyler and clorisa's baptism on Saturday. I'm so
psyched for that. Hmmmm, annndd that's about it. I'm sure some kind of
adventure will happen though.

I hope everyone has a fan-freaking-tastic day! Just remember
The church is still true,
The book is still blue,
Jesus loves you!

Elder Heiner,

PS: if anyone wants to write me a letter or anything, my address is
Justin Heiner
5305 watermill Lane, #101
Titusville, Florida 32780

My email is:

Make sure it's .net, not .com. Hahaha

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