Monday, April 27, 2015

1st week in Florida!!

Hello yall!

Holy cow this week has been crazy!!!! 
Florida is fantastic! The people here are nice! The weather is nice(bluueeee sky baby). My companion is great. Things are great!
 I'll just go through and give a run down of this week.

Monday- Me and elder efros woke up at 4:00 in the morning because we had to leave the Mtc at 5:00. Early I know... Hahahahah. So we woke up and rode the train to the airport. Anywho, long story short we finally flew out at like 10:00. The flight was good. Kinda bumpy but good! When we got to the airport where president and sister berry were waiting! They are so awesome and sweet. They are from draper utah, right next to the temple. They have a bunch of kids and grandkids. After we got all our luggage and such we went down to a church in Orlando to have a welcoming dinner. Some of the sisters from that ward cooked bbq and holy cow it was soooooooo good. In fact, pretty much all the food down here is delicious. Hmmm, I can taste my lovely figure slipping away every moment I'm down here. Hahahahah anyways, after that dinner we went back to the Mission home to stay the night. At that point I was pretty exhausted so I just went pretty much strait to bed. 

Tuesday- Tuesday morning we woke up and we then were shipped over to the church again. We did a bunch of super boring training stuff and then after we got to meet our new companions. Elder Davis is pretty sweet! He's from Spanish fart Utah, graduated from Spanish fart high school in 2014, He loves huntin, n fishin, n shootin, n hikin. He basically grew up In America fork canyon. We get along great!! Anyways, after we met our trainers and stuff, we got assigned our area which is Titusville! It's a little town near Kennedy space center! It's well.... Kinda a hood I guess. Well it's a lot more hooded than any part of Utah. Hahahahah anyways, it's a pretty great place. There are definitely two truths about Florida. One: everyone here is old. Two:it's hot and sunny. Hahahahah. I like it though, we get all sorts of fun toys, like ipads(which are fantastic) and bikes. It's pretty fun! Tuesday night we taught a lesson to an older member couple in Cracker Barrel. It's was interesting, add together the fact that they Are old and then add the fact that Cracker Barrel is super noisy and your gunna have a bad time. It was fun to try though. After that we also taught a lesson to some less active members the castios. They are super funny and cool. There's only three of them there: John, his wife and his Puerto Rican mother. They said that they would be coming to church on Sunday so hopefully they will.

Wednesday- well Wednesday was my first "full day" it was pretty bomber. We went less active huntin. We spent all day searching for less actives and where they are and if they had moved or not. It was a lot of biking. Now about my bike.... Hahhahaha. Well it's a POS. Since I'm only going to be here for a little while they just let me use one of the mission loner bikes. Come to find out, they don't even have a bike that is my right size. I should be riding a extra large frame because I'm so tall, well they biggest they had was a medium frame. It looks like a giant on a little kids bike. Hahahahah Yeah, it makes me a little mad because I Know I'm gunna be wrecking my knees by riding this for very long. Ain't nobody got time for that. I tried talking to the mission president and well he basically said to suck it up. Hahahahahha, so I guess I'll just make do. Anywho, we just spent the majority of the day knocking on doors trying to find investigator, less actives, etc. it was good! We found two new potential investigators and found out that the majority of the less active members had moved. Sad but I guess it happens a lot down here.

Thursday- Thursday we taught a lesson to an investigator, Clarissa, and her family. They are soo nice and awesome. They just happened to bump in the missionary's on the street and wanted to hear more. This was probably the 5th lesson that she had been taught so she knew elder Davis really well. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance that is plays in our everyday life. It went really well. We asked her to pray about being baptized into this church and she said that she would so we'll see how it goes. 

Friday- Friday'stc are the missions planning days. A lot of Friday is spent in the apartment planning for the week. Honestly it felt pretty weird to do it hahaha. I felt almost guilty. Anyways, after we had planned everything out for next week we went down to see a member of the ward who is paralyzed from the waist down: Brother Sam Woodard. He's a way way way cool guy he has a super strong testimony even though he has been through so much. He was in a accident when he was 26 or something like that. Before that he actually served a mission in the Utah north mission. One of his areas was actually bountiful! It's such a small world. 

Saturday was a crazy busy day. We woke up like normal and did our study's and such. It after that we had a church picnic that we went to. It was cool! It was pretty good because there were probably just as many non members as their were non members. We got to talk to a lot of people. This ward is awesome, it's a little older(ok, a lot older) but that doesn't matter that much. After the appointment we went and taught 5 different lessons. It was busy. We had to hustle to make them all on time. It was fun.

Sunday was pretty good. Church was fun! We got Clarissa and her family to make it to Sunday school and to the third hour. She didn't make it in time to get to sacrament, so I think our lessons this week are going to focus on why sacrament meeting is so important. Offer church we had more meetings. Yup, pretty much what I expected.... Being at the church for super super long time. Oh well, such is the life of a missionary. 

This mission is pretty weird I guess. There are quite a few things that are a lot different than I thought they would be. For example, music. I always it was motab and classical music. Nope. Hahaha, the mission president basically lets the missionary's make the choice for themselves on what they listen to. Everything from rock to well everything. He just told us that if we can feel the spirit while listening to it, it's alright. It's freaking great!!! Music is my life, so being able to hear most if not all of my favorite songs is fantastic. 

Another thing is that we get iPads. They are the single greatest tool we have. Our area book is all digital now, and it make tracking people down soooooo much easier. We have all their phone numbers, addresses, lesson reports, etc right at our finger tips. It also lets us schedule appointments and then sends the investigators an email saying when we will be there. It's fantastic. 

We get a 50/50 split with the sisters on a car. One week on, one week off. Pretty bomber. 

Anyways, that's pretty much it! It so good to finally get to work instead of sittin around. Florida's  great! I'd love to hear from anyone. My email is:

Love ya!
Elder Heiner 

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