Monday, November 30, 2015

This weeeks mircales

So this week was pretty great!

Had the opptotunity to go on splits with the zone leaders, set a couple baptismal dates and teach. aton.

So tuesday was splits with the zl's. Its always fun to go one splits because almost always something exciting is going to happen.. Well, on Tuesday we had one of the most spiritual lessons i've had here in brazil.

So we had an appointment with a contact that me and elder villen had made earlier that week, well, the contact didn't work out so, our back up plans were to knock the houses next to him.

Anyways, we started knocking, not having much success, when this group of kids walked pasted us. They were probably like 10 or 12, about 5 of them. They looked like they were going to school. Now, we don't usually make contacts with children, well because... thats just plain creepy but, the spirit told me strongly to start talking to these kids. Anyways, I started some kind of random conversation, I don't remember what about, but eventually, one of the kids asked who we were and what we were doing. After explaining a little bit, one of the kids piped up saying " vocês são mormon, meu mai quer por vocês" or in english, " you're the momons, my mom wants to talk to you".

Well, the little kid grabbed my hand and started walking toward one of the houses that we had previously knocked on. There we met his mom. Turns out shes a less active woman that is going through a really rough day. Anyways, she had been in the backyard, praying, trying to find some comfort in a difficult situations, (hence why she didn't anwser the door), when her son told her that the mormons were here. We then had a lesson about how the savior strengthens us in time of need, and how much he loves us all. It was one of the most spíritual lessons i've ever had. All because of a whisper of the spirit.

Another cool thing that happened this week.

Mom... Don't freak out...

We were mugged!
We are alright, but only because of the book of mormon.

So we were walking back home last night, just minding out business. It was the end of the day and we were super duper tired. Anyways, we were walking down a street the is usually pretty busy, but on Sundays its deserted. This guys come walking towards us super duper quickly shouting " Hand over everything, Cell phone, wallet, Passa tudo" me and elder villena look at each other and just shake out heads in disbelief. We stop and turn around to the guy, and just start saying yeah we'll hand over everything but we don't have much. Just scriptures and these books. The guy then just looks and says, "i don't want any of you books, Those books are of god, and I don't have god anywhere close to me" and then he just ran off.

And that my friends is how you avoid being mugged. Just carry a book of mormon with you.

Anyways, thats All I got.

Love you all"

Elder Heiner

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