Monday, November 9, 2015


ALLLLOOOOHHHAAA, no, wait. I'm in Brazil, not Hawaii. 

mui beuen? 

dang it, Almost..

Tudo bem? 

There we go! 

Sorry, Had A little brain fart there. 

hahah, Hope everything's going good this back home. This week was filled with the normal stuff, teaching, preachin, all that jazz. I'll give ya the run down of our shenanigans this week. 

First off,... I didn't ride the bus this week! WOOOOAHHHH. calm down everyone, this is a monumental moment, but there is no need for the rowdyness. 
Although we didn't ride the bus, some thing else decided to come around... the heat. This week has been HOT HOT HOT.  needless to say I kinda feel like I've been taking a shower for the past week. Living with out a car, and with our air conditioning is awful. But, whatever.

We started teaching a awesome new family this week. Jaqulene and Sergio. They are from foraleza and just barely moved here because he got transfered( he in the military). Totally awesome and they accepted to be baptised int he next few week. I'm pumped. 

Yesterday was transfers. I have such a love/hate relationship with transfers. I'll be sticking here in cacheria for another 6 weeks with elder villena, but the rest of our district got transfered. Out of the 8 missionarys in our district, only me and elder villena are going to say. Needless to say this upcoming week we will probably be running around trying to help everyone get their work started. Oh well. We shall see what happens. 

Love you all! 

Elder Heiner

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