Monday, January 4, 2016


Well, here it is my friends, family, people of the corn. We are officially in the 2016. Woah. hahaha. crazy.

This past year has flew by, absolutely flew by. like super duper quick it flew by. Thats pretty good though, Alot has defiantly changed from the beginning of this past year. 

Anyways, This past week was pretty uneventful... For us anyways. For everyone else, New years is like one of the biggest party of the year. It was pretty funny to working, spreading the Gospel, while everyone else in the city is getting ready to party. hahaha

WE did have some rather awesome success though, We found 3 new family's in the beginning of the week and it's been awesome to be working with them. Just plain awesome. 

One family in particular is super dope, Roberson, and his wife and two kids. His wife was baptized when she was like 10, but by age 15 she became inactive. Well, we were walking down the street Monday after p-day when they called us into their house. LIKE WHAT THE HECK. Turns out they have been trying to find a church that they can raise their family in, but have been unsuccessfully in finding one that answers all of their questions. Well, they saw us waking, called us into their home, and bam... We've got a date set for the 30th. Even better? They asked us when is the soonest that the church has meeting that they can attend. I swear this family is just soo dang awesome. 

The rest of the week we worked super duper hard. Meeting with old gators, Making new investigators, contacting people in the street.. etc. In fact, we actually did better in everyone of our goals this week. It was a tiring week, but definitely a good one. 

Friday, because of the new year we decided to go all out and try eating out at a fancy dancy pizza restaurant. It was awesome. Unlimited pizza brought to you table. Its called rodesio, like rodesio grill in utah, but with pizza. Pizza normal, pizza weird, pizza with chicken heart, liver, and stuff I have no idea what is, and then, They also bring dessert pizzas when your stuff with the normal pizzas. It was super duper awesome... The best part? It was only like 5 american dollars because of the exchange rate right now... hahaha. Pretty great stuff. 

Anyways, things are going good. Me and elder allen are just have an absolute blast together. I'm still pretty shocked the president put the two tallest missionarys together... but hey, It seems to be working so... Tudo bem. 

Love you all! 
Elder Heiner

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