Monday, January 11, 2016

Woah, woah, woah...

wow.. This week was... HOT. 

seriously, I thought i was getting pretty warm... and then this week happened. hahah, I don't think i've stopped sweating since last Monday.. ahhaha, Its a blast!

Other than it being super duper hot, we got down to work and got a lot done this past week. I don't have alot of time to write this week, so I'll just tell you guys a little about some of our investigators. 

Roberson and family: Super duper awesome family. He married a less active woman( haeile) about 6 years ago. They have two kids and are super duper awesome. They have been searching for a church for quite awhile and finally met with the missionary's. Its super fun to meet with them because their kids LOVE the missionary's. Abousluty love them. Every-time we show up they start getting super excited and start saying that their "tios" are here... or their uncles. super awesome family. 

Elosea, and her daughter, Another family that we meet knocking doors( I swear, I've never had so much success knocking doors until with elder Allan #american-power). They are like our grandma and mom here. Seems like everything we head over their they are feeding us cake or something. ahaha. They have a super strong testimony of the gospel, the only problem is they can't seem to come to church.... Darn it satan. 

Talihna, e taisha. two girls that we found knocking again. They are friends and are super awesome. They are actually immigrants from syria.... But they moved here like 6 years ago. They are both going to college here and are seaching for something to give their life a little more purpose. 

Anyways, things are good. We've got some super good investigators and everything. Me and elder allan keep tearing things up here. Its great to be able to speak english in front of people if we need to talk about something with out everyone else knowing. Its kinda mean, but Its cool at the same time. Since alot of our lunches here just give money, we've been honeing our cooking skill pretty great. This past week we made Eggs in a frame with stragnoff like 3 times #missionarycooking. 

Love you all! Hope you have a good week. Stay safe and if your not safe, Stay smart. 

Elder Heiner

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