Monday, March 14, 2016


Well, This week has been... interesting. 

Hard week, but a good week too. We worked. HARD. 
Basically, Monday night, me and elder rufato decided that we were going to baptize this week.  We didn't have any date marked, or anyone particularly ready, but we decided that we should try our best to end the transfer with another baptism. 

Sooo, by Tuesday, we found two people that had all the qualifications to be baptized,  they just needed to fix a couple things in their lives... anywho, We started working with them, Juliano, and Marta. They both are part of a part member family, both visited the church a ton, basically, they are both dry member... Members without being baptized... 

Sooo, we got to work. All they needed was to live the word of wisdom for the week, and bam, 2 baptisms.. To help them out, we stopped by their house 2 times a day, brought them juice, called them every 3 hours... TONS of things. Basically we were two annoying little children for the week. 

Everything was going good, We had everything set up for the baptism.... But.... Well, They both smoked a cigarette the night before... BAH! It was super super super disappointing... But, we live and we learn. Life goes on. 

The family that was baptized this past week is going awesome! Its amazing what the spirit does to a house hold. A house that was once riddled with fights and yelling is now a home of peace and refuge. The transformation is shocking. 

Anyways, to day is also transfers! the good news is: I'm staying. The better news is: I'm Training, which means I'll be responsible for a brand new, super green missionary. I don't know who he is yet, but I'll tell you what, I'm going to walk the MR. Mac's right off of him. :) ahahaha, I'm pretty excited, but also a little terrified. Needless to say, It will be a super interesting transfer. I'm sure that I'll be learning alot. I don't think I'll get an american companion, I think It will probably be a Brazilian... that the good part. Means I'll still get to improve my portuguese. 

On a sad note, President called me into his office this week to tell me that Grandma Passed away. It's interesting how gods plan is so perfect. During my time on the mission, I've learned soo much about gods plan, And as I continue to learn more, I know that god really loves us. And because he loves us, He will not take out loved one's aways from us without providing a plan for us to see them again. Death is always something sad, but when we understand, and have a testimony of this wonderful plan, It's no longer good bye, but more like a see you later.  I know that this plan is perfect, I know that through the ordinances and principles of the gosple, we will see our loved ones again. He lives, and because He lives, We will too. 

Love you, 
Praying for you always, 
Elder Heiner

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