Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Parenthood. I'm so not ready.

hahaha, This week has been.... Stressful. Very very Stressful. But, I've already learned a freaking ton, so it must a good kind of stressful. 

Sooo, this past week was kinda crazy. I didn't actually start to work untill  Thursday, because I had to go and pick my new companion! His name is Elder Pinheiro! Hes from Rio! Brazlilian, and speaks portugese perfectly. !! woot woot! 

He pretty cool! He was baptized just 3 year ago, and has a super strong testimony. 

In the mission we have a "game" the consists of calling Your trainer "dad" and the person your training "son". Why you may ask? well, because basicly, your trainer defines you mission. They things that you learn from you trainer you will carry on for the rest of you mission, and at times, the rest of you life. Long story short, I have the resposibility of raising a child... 
Let me just say something, If this this even just a slice of what It's like to raise a real kid, ( Which Its not) Then, I don't want to have kids for a very  long time.... hahahaha

Joking aside, the week was good, But super stressfull because Basicly I have to run the show on everything,, Teaching, Making appointment, creating records, planning, making new investigator, etc. Its stressful, but fun at the same time. 

Our area Is doing pretty well though. We've been able to mark a bunch of new baptisms that should be happening in the next few weeks... so that fun!

WE are teaching again, another family that need to be married, so hopefully in the next 5 weeks we can get all the paperwork in order to do that, 

And our investigators that were smoking are making progress with the goals we set for them. All in all, a pretty good week!!

Love you all, I have to cut this one short because we are going to the temple today... 
First time I'll be able to visit the temple in over 9 months.. Its be cool the get to know the temple here in porto alegre. 

Love you all, 
Elder Heiner

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