Monday, April 18, 2016

HEAT and Miracles

This week was hot. Like super duper duper hot. Everyone says that this isn't too normal because usually around this time of the year things are cooling off. Whatever though! The sun doesn't kill(well only sometimes). hahahah

This week we were able to teach A TON.  It was great. Teaching is the best part of the mission. I absolutely love it. Its interesting because the rest of the things that missionary do are only their to help us teach better and more people. 

This week we had a amazing miracle with lucas. We've been teaching him for about well... 2 days. He's 20 years old and is looking for peace in life. What better place to find it than the missionares? hahah 

Anyways, the second time we met with him, we marked a day for him to be baptized. The day we marked was the Sunday after church. Push comes to shove, it didn't work out, but He is totally ready, already has a testimony of everything. He'll be baptized this upcoming Saturday. Seriously one of the  most prepared people I've ever met. 

The other families that we are teaching are going great! We found a new family, Israel and Lourdes. A Family super awesome. They already are reading the book of Mormon and are one track for baptism. The only problem is marriage, but that is just a small problem. 

Carlos and villegena are going great. We marked a day for them to get married in the state office. Just need to keep waiting that dang 20 day for paper work. It's pretty annoying sometimes. whatever though. 

Things are good. To day is transfers...  No news here. I'll be staying in the same area with the same companion. Its good though. I'm liking it here, The ward is super nice and supportive and they love to help us out. 

Anyways, that pretty much all I have. 
Love you all, 
Elder Heiner

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