Monday, July 4, 2016


Today is 'murica day. 
Only the best holiday that exists.
They don't celebrate 'murica in brazil..


Quietly cry's in the bathroom. 

This week was just another week in the labor of the lord.  This past week was a little disappointing, but we got to see a miracle Saturday. 

The whole week seemed to fly by. This up coming week will probably be my last week in this area. I'm going to be really sad to leave, but at times we just have to do what we have to do. This ward is just waaaaayyy to good. All the friends that I've made here, the people that I've baptised. It will be sad when I have to leave. I just hope that It's not this transfer and that I can stay 6 more weeks. 

Anyways this past week we were just in the rush to find new people to teach. We spend a lot of time knocking doors. It was good but bad at the same time. We found some really awesome family's but, none of them came to church this Sunday... Which means we get to start all over again. Oh well, its all part of the work. 

Anyways, Saturday night we saw a miracle. for the past little while we have been visiting a familiy that lives in our ward. This family, the mom, and the kids are members, but that dad no. anyways they are passing for some serious difficulty right now. He has cancer in his cheek. The doctors say that he has only like one year left to live. Anyways, the bishop asked to pass by there and teach him and see if we could help him out. We had a lesson waaaay awesome with him. ON saturday we taught him about baptism, and he completely accepted it. The spirit was soo strong. He said that before He never really though alot about baptism, but the moment we walked in he felt like we had something that he needed. We have marked the date for this upcoming saturday. We hope that everything goes well. It was such a crazy experience and real testament of how the spirit can touch anyone. This man was incredibly cold to the missionary before, In our records, they told us that he didn't even let the missionary in when He was home, and now... We'll the lord always has a plan for us, and maybe part of that plan is that pass for some crazy things in life, but I know that the lord always knows what hes doing and he will never let walk alone. 

Anyways, that just about all I have. LOve you all! 

I hope you have a great fourth of july. A friend of mine sent me this photo... Describes my feelings today. 

Love you all, 
Elder Heiner

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