Monday, September 5, 2016


Well well then, 
We meet again. 
That famous word. 
So many saying.
So little the word. 
Portugese is weird. 

This week was... Amazing. I don't know why despite how difficult this week was, I still feel like is was quite the good week. We worked hard. Had a lot of disappointments but still ended up on top. 

We started out the week with rain... We I rained all week... And its still raining. Went good. lhahaha. 

When I rains here In brazil the roads turn to mud. There are very few roads that are paved.... Basicly this week was dirty. We ended up buy a pair o mud boots because of how ridiculous it was. 
Despite the rain we had the joy of have some incredibly spiritual experiences. I'll tell you about a few. 

Thrusday we were knocking doors in a part of the city that is really spread out. Its a good area to work but for some reason, nobody was answering the door. Weird how that works right? Nobody seems to be home when we knock on the door... haha. The life of missionary. 

Anyways, We were knocking doors we it started to rain. Like really rain. It started to rain so hard that the street started to fill with water.
Anyways we were truly stuck in the water when This old man called out to us to hurry inside. 
Anyways, we entered and started to talk when him when this young mom around the corner, saw us and said "Its the Elders". 
Anywho, we started talking to here how she knew the elders and such when she stated to tell us that she used to come to church with her grandma, and when her grandma died she stopped coming. Anyways, we started to teach now. Shes way loving the gospel and every time we teach her her testimony and desire to be baptized keeps growing. it was such a spiritual experiences because I know that It wasn't by chance that this old man called us into is house. I know that god sent us to right spot at the right time. Its just another proof to me that god really knows his children. 

Another experience that we had this week. 

Friday we received a phone call from a man that lives on the other side do brazil. Anyways, he gave a address of a family that lives in our area that he knew and felt that we should visit. (this doesn't ever happen) anyways, we thought well weird but, whatever, lets visit this family and see what happens. 

Saturday afternoon it was rainning again. Really hard. And when its rainning like super hard we usually try and stay out of the street. Anyways, I felt that we need to visit this family, at exactly 3:20. I didn't know why, but I really felt, exactly 3:20.Anyways, we planned it out and stated to set out in the rain. We arrived at exactly 3:19, knocked on the door, and waited for someone to anwser. A young woman came to door, her face obviously crying, inviting us in. When we sat down she started to tell that in eactly that moment we knocked she was praying to god to send some one to help her out with some questions that she had. Needless to say, the spirit was there. Her name is Nat. Needless to say we anwsered her questions. We are going to visit her again tomorrow. I'm way excited to see where this goes with here.

Anyways, this was alittle bit about my week. 
I'm doing fine. This up coming week it should stop raining. Who knows though. 

Love you  all, 
Elder Heiner

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