Tuesday, April 14, 2015

'I hope they call me on a mission, AGAIN, When I grow a foot or two'

Hey Everybody! 
Hope things are going well in your lives. 
Just though I'd give you a overview of the exciting things that happened this week. I'm here on week 5, next week I'll be able finally leave this place and get into the real world. So freaking excited it!!
Anyways, here's whats what.

Wednesday- Hosting! This past Wednesday we got to hot the new missionary as they come to the mtc. It's such a cool experience!!. As i mentioned last week, A good friend of mine was coming on of Wednesday so the opportunity to maybe sorta get a chance to host him was pretty exciting!  well Wednesday rolls around and lo and behold, I got to host him! It was so awesome! I was turned around talking to another missionary when all of sudden I hear " HEINER!" and I turn around and there is Harrison in the middle of the road running full speed at me. ahahah it was pretty freaking awesome! long story short, we got to talk and I got to see his family for little bit which was soo cool! I love the Mayer Family! Definitely one of the highlights of my week. 

Thursday- nothing much happend, just the usually study Portuguese, teach, etc. my Portuguese is coming along. I'm definitely not nearly anywhere close to fluent, but I can kinda sorta speak so that's good! 

Friday- same as Thursday.. Except they had pizza for dinner! which may not seem like a big deal, but here at the Provo prison, it's like the highlight of everyone's week. 

Saturday- Same a friday - minus the pizza. yup, nothing too exciting happens here

Sunday was cool! I got to bless the sacrament bread which was awesome! You have to do it in Portuguese so getting all the pronunciations correct is a little difficult. all is good though!
We also had the BYU mens chorus come and sing to us! It was pretty good! elder klime was in it last semester so it was funny to see him fangirl over it. I don't think i've ever seen someone so happy to sit through a devotional than him. It was good to see him be so happy about it. 

Monday- found out Monday that no one in our district received our visas to go to Brazil and therefore we would all be temporarily reassigned. No one really knew when we would find out where we were going but...... me and elder efros did some digging and figured out that we (me and elder efros) are.. wait for it... SERVING IN THE ORLANDO FLORIDA MISSION. I could not be more excited to go and serve the people in flordia. it's pretty cool when they reassign missionary, they go through the whole process again of having a apostle pick out which mission we need to be in. I know that this mission is where the lord needs me to be and I'll get to Brazil when the lord needs me to be there. 

There are two other sisters in our district that are going to be us serve in florida with us, and then the rest of the district has no idea when/where they will be serving. they are all dying right now. Especially elder klime, I feel like he might strangle me. hahahahahahah so If you never hear from me again.... well you know who to blame. 

Anyways, I'd better get going! since this is the last week of my time at the mtc, I should get a little time later in the week to to email again. We should see though

Anyways! Love ya! 
If there's anything I can do for anyone, don't be afraid to let me know

-Elder Heiner. 

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