Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Big G.C., A New District and The Jonas Brothers


Just another crazy week here at the MTC, Not really much has changed, I've spent quite a bit of time studying and such. You know, the norm.  Here just a basic run down of the week:

Tuesday: spend all day in class, learning portuguese. I can tell that the language is coming... slowly, but it's  coming. Tuesday afternoon we had some leadership meeting and such. I never knew that by sitting all day you could be exhausted. It seems like every night I go to be completely pooped. Tuesday night we had a devotional where Elder Teh from the seventy came to speak to us. It was Awesome! His wife gave and awesome talk about how when we feel like there is too much on our shoulders, that the savior can help us through sorting through it all. I definitely can recognize how the savior does that being in the mtc. 

Wednesday:More class and such. We also got a new district of missionaries! In this new district their are 9 elders and 4 sisters. They are all so awesome and I can definitely tell that they are going to be one of the best districts in the zone. It amazing to see the new missionary come in at noon and then by like 9:30 they are already speaking the language and fully immersed in learning the the gospel and the language. It's so cool!

Thursday: More of just classes and such. We taught one of our "investigators" again. It was a super cool and good lesson. We went in their prepared to teach the plan of salvation, but when we actually got in their we ended up teaching the first vision. Even though we didn't go through what we had prepared, it was cool to see that the lord helped us improvise and adapt to teaching the 1 vision. It was awesome!!!

Friday: The pre- General Conference day. Alot of friday was spent trying to figure out how, when, and where we were going to watch general conference. We also got to teach in TRC. TRC is cool because they bring in real people from the church for the missionary to practice teaching too. Well, thats what they said anyways.... every companionship teaches 2 lessons, to two different people,. The first one was to a returned missionary from sandy. It went really well, and I felt I could understand pretty much everything he was saying (pretty unusual). The second one was truely unreal though. We get to the Trc room, and we knock on the door and this woman obviously from brazil open the door. At first we were like oh! this is awesome! we get to finaly speak to a real brazilian. As we are getting to know her we find out that she actually isn't a member. Both me and elder efros just kinda look at each other and are like "Oh crap, our lesson is totally talking about how General Conference can help us answer our questions, but if she's not a member she probably never even hear of General Conference." We always begin our lesson with a prayer, so as we are praying, I pretty much am having a little heart attack on what we going to teach. After the prayer, we just start asking her  what she knew about the church and stuff when she says, "Oh yeah guys, I forgot to mention that I'm going to be baptized in like two days". I felt the biggest sense of relief ever. hahahaha the rest of the lesson when awesome and turns out that she's up here in utah for general conference. over all it was a way cool experience. 

Saturday and Sunday: THE BIG G.C.

General Conference at the MTC is such a cool experience!!! They gather all the missionaries in the main gym and everybody watches it together. It's awesome! You can totally feel the spirit the entire time. Here are some of my favorite points from general Conference. 

Boyde K packers- A cookie and a kiss. That one made me laugh pretty hard. I loved that entire talk and how he addressed how special Temple marriage really is. It something that not alot of people in the world don't fully understand. Definitely made me reconsider how I am going to teach that in future. 

L witon Clayton- The story about the little girl who's plane crashed and she found her way to safety. loved loved loved this talk. Really helped  me understand that sometimes, even though we don't have a necessarily perfect knowledge of what we are doing 100 percent is true, that if we keep on trucking on that we can eventually get that testament that it is true and that what we are doing in the things that the lord wants us to do. I loved it this talk. 

I felt that this entire General Conference was so centered on families. Its so amazing that they don't plan out all of the topics of the conference. The prophet just kinda gives the speakers free reign on what to talk about and then through personal revelation, heavenly fathers helps them decided what to talk about. This really is proof the What these inspired men from god are saying is really gods words and not their own. 

Sunday night was very... Interesting. Every Sunday night we have a devotional with the entire mtc. they never tell anyone what its going to be or who will be speaking, they just tell everyone to be in the gym at a certain time. Well this week was... well the only way i can describe it is that is was BYU's a Capella Jonas Brothers aka Vocal Point. As soon as they walk on the the stage, I could have sworn it was some kind of Jonas brothers concert. It felt like every sister in the entire room was screaming or clapping with so much excitement. it was defiantly not my favorite. they sang a bunch of music, most of it defeinlay to in the approved music for missionary... yeah, it was weird. 

just some things that are going to be happening this next week. 

On wensdays, our district gets to host the new missionarys! This is awesome because my bestest friend in the whole wide word is going the becoming on wends day, hopefully i get to help him in the first few hours at the mtc. 

Next week we will get our reassignments. Since the LA Consulate is super slow, we will all probably get assigned stateside for at least a transfer. It's all good! this way, We get to pretty much have Two Missions instead of just one! I'm Super Super pumped about it! 

We really don't have too much time left here, (thank goodness). I'll be sad to leave, but at the same time it'll be nice to finally see the real world again.

Till Next time! 

Elder Heiner
Attached is a picture of some of the elders form our zone. They really love the Chips and salsa Mom! 
Also is attached a is a picture of the fullness of the gosple on a white board. Yeah, we get pretty bored sometimes. 

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