Monday, August 24, 2015

Another week

Opia todas Pessoas,
Just another week here in brazil.
I got a new companion! Elder Allef, from barrieah brazil. Hes super super chill! We get along great, things are tranquilo. This means Ive had 7 companions is 4 transfers... what the what.

sooo this week has been a strange one. On tuesday night we got a call from the president, saying that we were to switch areas with the other dupla in our appartment. Dope. kinda strange but whatever.

Soooo that means that our pool of investigator is about.t.... zero. ahahha. the other area has a really hard time time with finding investigators because its kinda a richer area of the city. Tranquile, just means that we get to work harder.

soooo basicly our entire week was spent tracting. im not even kidding, we spend a every day this week knocking doors, talking to people on the street, and trying to find people to teach. we were lucky to be able to teach 4 lesson on the spot but the rest of time was straight up talking to peeps.

Yup, I dont have much else to say, oh, we had conferencia de estaca este emana. IT was dope, president spoke during it. hes definetly has a brazilian way of giving talks... loud and proud.

Annnd that was my week, sorry I dont have much else to say.. thats about it.

Love ya all! have a fantastic week!

Elder Heiner

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