Monday, August 31, 2015

Bah!!! Last week of August

Wow. This week started out really really slow, and then slowly got busier and busier. I like things Busy. 

For the First Halve of the week it was straight up knocking doors and trying to find people to teach. we tired a bunch of different things to try and get the work rolling but it seemed like everything was just going sooo slow bbuuuuttt,

Then Thursday Happened. 

On Friday there was a mission conference in porto alegre, no big deal, the mission was renting a bus to take all the missionary from the south up north and then afterwards we would have return on the same bus. No big deal right? just simple catch the bus early in the moring, spend the day in porto alegre, then return late at night. 

Well, Thursday morning we got a call from the mission office saying that because Im an immigrate  I wouldn't be able to ride up with the rest of the missionary because of some Brazilian law or something. I don't exactly know, It had something do with the fact Im a gringo here( YAY!). anyways, the plan was for me to ride up with he other american missionary Thursday night on a different bus, stay the night, attend the conference and then return with my companion Friday night. 

Everything went good until we got to porto alegre. It was me and 7 other Americans. The bus ride was fine, but when we got to porto alegre... Nobody knew what to do next. AND everybody cellphones battery was dead. Just imagine, 8 Americans, various degrees of Portuguese, no cell phone, in the middle of a city of 1,5 million people. Nobody knew exactly how to get to the mission office, nobody knew if we were supposed to wait at the station, or meet the assistants at the mission office. bah, it was crazy. Luckly everything turned out find, some of the elder kind of knew where the mission office was so we decided to try and catch the city bus to it. We kinda wandered around the city for like 4 hours, late at night( I wouldn't recommend it), but eventualy we arrived at the mission office to find a really frantic mission president and Assistants. 

after that things were chill. Stayed the night at the office, woke up, had a Aweosme Mission conference with a member of the seventy, ate one of the most fantastic lunches of my life. seriously, the president took us to a Brazilian restaurant similar to Rodeisan grill. BAh, It make rodesian grill look like fast food. It was sooo delicious. after lunch, wandered around porto alegre for awhile making contacts because the other group of missionary's was in the conference. (My companion, and all the the missionarys I should have been with). got on the bus and Arrived back in pelotas at a lovely 3:00 in the morning. it was a crazy couple of days. 

Sunday was legit! I gave a talk in sacrament. Pretty sure nobody understood me but hey, still stood up and talked for 15 minutes. After sacrament meeting we had a meeting with the stake and ward missionarys. the stake here is really wanting to get a new stake center and to do that the wards need about 50 percent more attendence in sacrament meeting. Because of this the stake has set out a freaking awesome missionary plan. As part of this plan, in the ward im serving in, has set a goal of 30 baptisms this month... Per Dupla of missionarys. BAH. Looks like we are going to be working our pants off to meet that goal. Thats good though. Im excited to Put in my all to try and meet this goal. This month is going to be CRAZY. 

Anywho, hope everyone is Doing awesome! 
Love you all,

Elder Heiner.

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