Monday, August 3, 2015

With love from brasil.

Hello everybody!! This week has been wild. Week two here in Fragrata, Petolas, Brazil. Man, Its still hard to think Im actually in brazil.

Oh, and Please forget the spelling errors... they don't have normal key boards down here and its really hard to type in english... ahhah

This week was filled with a bunch of meetings... I feel like thats all ive been doing since I started this mission thing.... Sitting in meetings.... Oh, well, There are definetly worse things we could be doing.

Its been raining a lot here. Id compare the weather to something like portland oregon. always raining, and always kinda cold. this next week its supposed to warm up quite a bit... like enough to maybe turn on the air conditioning... oh wait... they dont have that here! hahahah tudo bom!

The area I.m in is called fragata, its just outside of a gaint city, (300.000people). its kinda a mix of rural and city life. I love it here! we'll be walking by and have cars driving past and the next thing you know there are 40 horses and carts in the street. pretty wild. ahah

on tuesday we had a zone conference. It was super awesome, there are only like 4 americans in our entire zone.... Its weird to be a minority. ahhaha, I actually understood most of what everybody was talking about and actually gave input. I feel pretty proud of myself. Ive come along way since leaving the mtc in april.

one wendsday we had a meeting with all the distirict leaders. my compainion is the district leader so we had to go to that. I bascily sat in the foyar of the church for like 2 hours while they had their meet and then we took a 2 hour bus ride back to our area. the rest of our night we spent visiting our investigators.

The one thing that is completely different than serving in the states in the pure number of people we are working with. Our invesigator pool is like twenty people of soild probably going to be baptised investigators. Its CRAZY and Awesome!
IT defiently keeps us on our feet... we are constatntly running from appointment to appiontment. It pretty fun.

so far, our next up coming baptisims are going to be:
Desise and Rodrigue and their daughter,
Lucil and Kevin and their family.

This week, in my personal study, I finished the book or mormon again. I made a personal goal to try and read the book of mormon at least once every other transfer. Its been kinda hard to find time down here in brazil, but I finally finished it again. As I read through it this time I focused on the words of christ. This has really strengthed my testimony that christ is truely the living son of god and the the book of mormon is turely another testiment of him. In the entire book or mormon their are about 5 pages that do not make a reference to Him. I know that the book of mormon is true, and that Jesus Christ is the center of this entire gosple.

I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic freaking week!

with love from brazil,
Elder Heiner

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