Monday, September 28, 2015

Oi everybody!

Well, this week was defienalty very interesting.
The beginning of the week was sssupper slow. just the usual missionary work. The main focus of this past week was to push for baptism. things were good. Although all of our baptism candidates were all pushed back, we still had a good week. Workng hard as always. 

On wendsday night we had a family night with some less actives in the ward. Thats was way fun. I mad pancakes for our "lanche" the loved loved loved them. Although we didnt have any maplle suyrp, I made some kind of sugar concoction out of brown sugar, sugar, and vinilla. they loved em and now the entire ward wants me to make them for them...oh great...

Friday we had BBq for lunch. hhhhaaaaohlh, the entire day I had the meat sweat. It was difficult. ahhaha Brazilian bbq is just fantatistc. seriously, waaaaay melhor de todos os chuarruqo de america. 

sunday we had 20 investigator in church, a new record for the ward. cosisas a boa. 

sunday night was transfers. The big bad transfers. turns out Im gettting transfered to a tiny little town all the way in the north of the mission. WOOT WOOT. THERES ONLY ONE THING THAT THAT MEANS. MOUNTAINS. finally, after forever, in returning to the mountains. or as close as i can get to the mountains here in brazil. 

my new companion is from peru, i dont know much more than this... hahaha, \ill be sure to fill everyone in on the next email.

Well, i hope everyone is doing good. 
love you all,
Elder Heiner

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