Monday, September 21, 2015

What, another week? loco!

Man this week seemed to fly by super super super super fast. I must have blinked or something cuz i could have sworn that it was only Wednesday.

I think the main reason why this week flew by so fast is because of the fact that we were sooo busy.  Here´s a run down of the week,

All week long we had meeting in the center of pelotas during the morning. This is pretty annoying because of the fact that we only have two option to travel there. 1: take the bus or 2: walk. Well, we don't have enough money to take the bus all week, and to eat... so that basically means we walk. Which is normally fine... but not when you have to wake up a 5:30 and walk an hour and a halve to be in a meeting by 7... Oh well, such is the life here in Brazil. hahahahah, 

The meeting we all about bettering our teaching ability. Apparently the mission has a problem with teaching so the president mandated that the Ap´s go around and train everyone to teach. Again. It was pretty much like being the MTC again... That alright though, I learned so new techniques and It got us out of the apartment earlier... Which is always a good thing. 

Friday, after the meetings we spent preparing for this ward missionary activity. The stake president, in an effort to help us reach our 20 baptisms this month mandated that we have a Ward missionary night. Basically, All the missionary from our zone were to come to our area, and pair up with a member from our ward. Then every Companionship of a missionary and member would take a area of our ward and contact all the less active, Ex-investigators and Potentials in the area. Its a great idea! and It turned out great.. But Friday and Saturday me and elder allef were running around with our head chopped off trying to get it all organized. My eye are still hurting from the 16 hours i spent typing up lists of Less actives.... I guess that what I get for being the only one that knows how to type. ... ahahah, Its all good thought, the activity was a great success. We had almost 42 Companionship's of missionary's working in our ward for over 4 hours... I think it will defiantly help us out.

As far as the people we are teaching, things are going pretty good. We are teaching 4 solid family's that should be getting baptized if they come to sacrament this Sunday. They were set up to be baptized this upcoming week, but none of them made it to sacrament meeting. .. ARRG, the struggle of Sunday morning is real. 

And that was pretty much my week. This upcoming week is the big push to get people baptized.... So im sure things are going to be crazy busy again. ITs been raining the past few days, and everybody is saying that it will probably keep raining untill the end of the month. Thats alright though... Id rather have the rain then HOT SATAN SWEAT know as Pelotas Humidity and sun. Seriously. When the clouds move away and the sun comes out it feel like its 1000 degrees... And it super muggy. Ah, Tudo bem.

Love you all! 
Elder Heiner

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