Monday, October 26, 2015

Just another week in the hood.

Well, I'd like to say something exciting happened this week, but really, nothing happened. Oh well, some weeks we fish, some weeks we hunt. This week we definitely hunted.

First off, everything is pretty much back to normal after the big storm we had here. The government sent the what is essentially the national guard in the come and help out with everything. Everyone seems to be in better shape now.

As for the work, things are going good. We spent all week trying to follow up with everyone for baptisms. On Sunday we only had 2 investigator come to church, which was kinda a let down. Basically, everyone we had been preparing for baptism, except for the two that came to church, we had to push back their dates a little more. These are just small problems.

On Friday I was walking down the street and because I'm so tall, I walked right into a hanging garbage can.... I scrapped the top of my head pretty good, and now I have a big old scab on the middle of my forehead. Needless to say, I look pretty dang awesome. No pain, No gain.

Because this week is the last week of the transfer, me and elder villena are pushing really hard to try and get a baptism in before. No saying what will happen with transfers... Its always such a shock to see who is going were.

Well, thats pretty much everything I got.

Love you all,
Have a good week,
Elder Heiner

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