Monday, December 7, 2015

Fwd: Woot Woot! BATISMO!

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This week was crazy, like totally running around with ours heads chopped off crazy. But thats good, it keeps us out of trouble. At least we didn't ride the bus... that was nice!

We saw a bunch of really cool milagres this past week, and also got to see some our the success of all our hard work the past few weeks.

On Saturday we had the baptism of Vera. Her son was baptised a couple months ago, but for some reason she was not. Anways, we picked her up as an investigator 2 weeks ago, taught her all the lessons, and baptized this past Saturday. I got to do the dunking with was awesome! She's so happy now and its always so awesome to see the recent converts come out of the water with a big ol' smile. It was a pertty good day.

We are also preparing another family for baptism this up coming week. Miguel and laudess. we've been teaching them for quite awhile, but they haven't ever accepted our invitation to be baptized. Well, on Saturday, they came to the baptism, and It totally changed their outlook on things. Now they can't wait. We've marked the day to be this upcoming Saturday. Please pray for them. 

Man Saturday was just a day of mirical. ALSO on Saturday, after the baptism, we were sitting in the park decompressing a little, when a young man came up and started talking to us. we made small talk for like 10 min, untill he asked if we were the Mormon missionary's. Turns out the missionarys a year ago knocked on his door, gave him a book of mormon, explained a little about it, and then never came back. Well, aparently they did a good job because He's read the entire book, put moronis's promise into actions, and want to be baptized. LIKE WHAT THE WHAT.  We were pretty much shell shocked. ahah. Anywho, we marked a date to stop by again and also, we marked a date of baptism for the beginning of this upcoming year. He's a engineering student and right now is just packed full with test and provas, so he basicly has no time right now. BUT, Hes sooo ready to be baptised its not even funny.

Anywho, thats all I got. I'm pretty much amazzed at all the craziness this past week brought. Its a good craziness though.

Love you all,
Keep toasty, Its about a 110 degrees here. I hear its pretty chilly back home.

Elder Heiner

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