Monday, December 21, 2015


aaalllooooooO world! This week has been crazy crazy crazy. Spent the basicly the entire week running around the Porto alegre. Its been crazy. And I'm tired... really really tired.. But, there ain't no rest for the wicked, so theres defiantly not any for righteous.

anyways, this past week, I killed my companion.. Ok not really, He just finished his mission so we say that he "died". Basicly, because the president extended the transfter one more week, the past week I've been running around with my head chopped off filling in a bunch of little tasks and such that president and the seceraties needed.

It was actually pretty dang fun. I got to see ALOT  of the mission and got to meet alot of new missionary's.

Monday was spend traveling to porto alegre, and helping in the office,

Tuesday I was in a little town outside of POA, helping the LZ's

Tuesday night we were back in Porto alegre to help with the new arriving missionary's.

Wednesday was spend at the Christmas conference. We had to be their super early  to help set up table and projects and stuff. It was waaaayy cool. and wayyy fancy. Made me feel almost like I was back in the states. ahha. We sang, took a bunch of photos, sang so more, ate food, ate more food, sang some more. It was a good time.

Thursday I was back in cachoeira,. help the other elders in the city.

Friday was spend with the other elders helping the sisters move apartments.. that was not fun... Needless to say, I wish they had real pick up trucks here... The little halve piicksups halve cars don't do well with heavy stuff. But we were happy to have the help of the a member.

Saturday was spend back in my area, trying to find a member that is going to stick around town to skype, We haven't found anyone yet... but we are still hope full.. hahaha!!

Sunday was spent back in the other elders area.

And that leads us to today!

Well, I'll be stick it out here in cacheiora for another 6 weeks, but I'll be having a new companion... Who I don't know, or even have the name of yet... BUT I'm sure he'll be great"

I'll get to find out tonight when the bus come in form porto alegre. ... The president has move around how the transfers work... Basicly, Its like  a big secret untill you get a call say your moving... you don't know where, You don't know who you companion is going to be or anything untillyou reach porto alegre.  It pretty cool actually!

Anyways, Thats basicly my week. Nothing to exciting, It was a busy tireing week, but that good. Makes it better where we are busy.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic Christmas!! I'm sure as heck am going to! We don't what or where we are going to go, But it will be aright! hhahah,
Don't forget the true reasons of Christmas: the birth of our savior, the chance to be near our families, and the special Christmas spirit that only comes form giving.

When the 3 wise men came to Jesus, they all brought a special gift that were very precious. Being guided by a star, they left their family's, their riches, there businesses and followed a star to give these gifts to the savior. This Christmas, I'll being doing the same. I've left my life, my family, my job, school, car, motorcycle, and every worldly thing to follow a star. A light that has told me that this is where I need to be. Even though, this Christmas I won't be surround by anything familiar. I wont have A christmas tree, Snow, Lights, Hot chocolatch, Family, Waffles, Christmas music, or even a familiar language.   I know that I'm giving the best gift I can to our savior. The gift of devoting 100. percent of 2 years to his service.  I  challenge every one you to give back a little to the one who gave everything for us. Jesus Christ didn't have to suffer for our sins, He didn't have to come here to the earth to be beaten, tried and crucified, but because of his love for every one of us, He did.

Remember that even if you don't receive anything this Christmas time, We all received a gift greater that we can understand. All we have to do is accept it.

Elder Heiner

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