Monday, December 28, 2015


Sooooo, yeah, this past week has been one really weird one.

Talking to family,
Christmas with out snow,
A new comp,
Running around trying not to get evicted.

Yeah, basically this week was just another week in Brazil.

First off..

I have a new companion.

And he's American!

(The Crowd cheers)

His name is elder Allan, he's from Washington, Seattle. Yes, the most hipsterish place on earth.
He love basketball, Root bear, the 4th of july, football, Cars, Motorcycles, Xbox, and pretty much everything normal. We've been getting along pretty great.

Theres only one problem...

He's taller than me.
Yes, you read that right,
The mission president put the two tallest missionary together. White. Tall. Attractive. Young. Americans. I honestly have no idea what the president Is thinking. It's pretty funny, we'll walk down the street and everyone  will just stare at us. It's pretty great. We get people that come up to us and want to take a picture just because we are" Monstro gringos". It's awesome.

Thats enough bout the new comp. Christmas was pretty chill. We spent Christmas at a members house with the other elders in our district. got to skype our families, eat a bunch of fruit cake, and BBQ, and try not to faint from the heat. Oh yeah thats rights, It was about 40c. Crazy crazy hot.

In brazil christmas really isnt that big of a deal. Pretty much everyone just uses the days off to drink. Its kinda a sad, theres really not much of a Christmas spirit. But, Whatever, Life goes on.

The rest of the week was just filled with too much awesomeness to count. Like, it rained so much that the only bridge to porto alegre floated down the river and the entire city is with out water because of the floods. That part I don't really understand.... Theres so much water but yet, The city doesn't have any... hahaha. Needless to say, I really am wishing for a shower right now.

Anywho, Got to make this short. We have to go run to our landlords house and pay our rent so we dont get evicted. I guess the secretary's forgot again or something.

Love you all!

Elder Heiner

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