Monday, September 19, 2016

Still alive, Still in camaqua.

Well, im still alive! The good news is this! 

Things are good. I'm working hard. This past week was way hard. We had a bunch of people drop us, which is kinda sad. Its always sad when people seems to be progressing so welll but the devil seems to grab them. 

This week we had more traveling to do. We went to sao lorenco again. Its a city that sits next to the beach. We had interviews with president, It was good! President seems to be pretty tired,, we talked alot about these next 3 months in the mission... Freaky, he started to make goals with me on what I need to do for the end of mission, and that I need to start making plans on what to do when I get home. YIKES> 

The work in the area is going good. We are finding a bunch of great familys. There's a church that sits next where we live that we are teaching a bunch of members that go there. Its pretty funny because they do family home evening. LIke the sing hymns, then have a message, then have a snack after... Pretty werid. Anyways, we got invited to give the message in the family night at the church.... We totally went... Needless to say its went pretty well. Nobody pulled out the bible to start a bible bash or anything. We were even invited back... I don't think we are going to visit again, but they are muito gente boa. 

This week me and elder Silva had amazing experience, We were having a pretty rough day. Everybody was traveling,. The sun was out. It was hotter than hades. Seemed like nobody was letting us in, we elder Silva said: Hey lets say a prayer? I'm sure that someone has to be home today. We said a quick, yet powerful prayer, then continued to our next appointment. The next appointment we when to, we had one of the best lessons of my mission. This family we are teaching, Christiana, and her sons and daughters, finally decided to accept a date to be baptised. after we left the appointmet, Elder Silva and I said another prayer, thanking father in heaven for the amazing lesson and went on our merry day. The rest of the day was awful, but I know that god truely blesses those that ask. I'm so grateful this experience that we had. Just another proof to me that god really listens to our prayers. God loves us. We need to talk to him. Its not old fashioned, or out dated. we literally need to communicate with the only person who really understands everything that we are going through. 

Love you all. 
Have a great week. 
Elder Heiner

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