Monday, September 12, 2016

Still alive!

Well this week was HOT. Again. Things are starting to get hot again here in camaqua. Its a good thing and a bad thing too. 

We had a great week. We are see the lords hand everyday in our work. Its amazing to see the work that is happening here. 

Well, remember last week when we contacted natalia? well Natália came to church this sunday. It was DOPE! She had a amazing experiance. Things She said that she had never felt so happy in a very long time. unfortunatly, she didn't bring her two sons, but she said that the next week she will. I'm way excited to see what happens. This upcoming week should be he baptism. 

We also are helping the other young women that we found in rain. She didn't come to church this week, but shes keeping the rest of here compromissios. I'm excited.! 

We also are working with a family, named christiana, andre, and samantha. Well, they are just another mirical.

Thrusday was a great day... We had a super importante meeting in porto alegre....... with Elder Neil A. Anderson. Needless to say, we learned alot. It was great to here him speak in english... Yes I still speak english.. It was a little dificult at first, but I'm still american. haha. 

The rest of the week was just work work work. Elder silva is a amazing missionary. 4 weeks in the mission and already doing his share of the work. Love the kid to death. Before the mission he was a Personal Trainner...  Soo basicly he's teaching me how to get ripped. I'm tranning pretty hard in the morning. 

Things are great! I'm doing good. Working hard. 

Love you all! 
Elder Heiner

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