Monday, November 28, 2016

Semana Celestial.

This week was... Heavenly! 
We worked a ton this week. 
Its crazy to see how the lord really blesses us when we work with all our heart, might, and strength. This past week we really saw a bunch of miracles. The lord blesses us truly. Seems like we are finding a meeting with everyone that the lord has ready to be baptized. 

This week we started meeting with a new investigator super cool. Her name is jaqualine, I know a brazilian name... hahaha. 

She is the daughter of a less active, lives with her college age son and is just absolutely hilarious. hahaa.  

Also, She probably going to be baptised here in two weeks. Super duper prepared. This week we taught her about the antonmente because she has some really deep questions about repentance and how she can feel free of the pain she feels. 

Wow, what a crazy spiritual lesson. I've never seen someone really understand this concept so fast. When we explained that Jesus volunteered to be our savior, she started to cry... When asked her what she was feeling, she said that all her life she felt that god was crazy to send his son to be killed, and that she never really understood how a god that loves people could do that,,, but now she understands why and how God did it. Crazy how people are seaching for the truth without even knowing it. we are see how god loves his children every day here in castelo Branco. 

We also marked the wedding of julho and lucia. I love this family soo much! they are progressing so fast. on the 17th we will marry them and they are going to get dunked.. This will be the 10th wedding that I've participated in here in Brazil. Crazy. hha  

Also domingo, (sunday) we had the primary program in church... it was... ,super funny. The kids really tried the best they had to show to their parents... Too bad I don't play the piano, because is would have been reallly good if they had a pianist. ( I should have listened to mom on the learn the piano thing) ahahah

We also brought another new family to church. They are super sweet, michel and pamala, Pamala is a less active, and michel is her hubby. They loved the church and probably Michel will be baptized here in a couple weeks. Hes a super stud, work as a motorcycle mechanic, so we get along great.. 

also, comprei uma camera. Entao, Fotos! 

Com amor, 
Elder Heiner

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