Monday, November 7, 2016

Fun fun fun fun fun.. PORTO ALEGRE É QUENTE!


This week pasted by soooo fast.. Like i don't even know what happened. Things just seemed to blur by. its been good though. We have had a bunch of sweet milagres here. 

the start of the week I went to Porto Alegre for a conference with the zone leaders. It was good. I got to see a bunch of old friends. also I got to visit Agronomia, my old area. I was super happy to see the my recent converts doing good, being active in the church. one of the best feelings ever.. 

Our meeting on Tuesday was... well, it was intense. President is pushing for more baptisms. Its was pretty good. Our mission is going to be one of the best missions in Brazil. we are waaayy above alot of the other areas of Brazil. Its amazing to see the difference that President Cruz is making. He really is an inspired man. 

When I got back Tuesday night, we right away got to work. The week seemed to fly by. It was awesome. We are going to being working with 3 new couples to get married in the next weeks. I'm super pumped because one couple is the mom and dad of a missionary that just left for the field this past month. we are excited. 

This week was had a crazy good experience with one of the members here. we where walking, hurring to appointment when me companhion told me to that we needed to stop and talk to a member that was in route. I didn't really want to, but elder De souza told me that we had to... that he felt we should. Anyways, we were for it. When we knocked on the door, the sister of ward was crying pretty hard. The area I'm working in is super poor, and alot of the members have a hard time with buying food for their kids. Anyways, another sister of the ward had given us some packaged food to eat for lunch the next day. When we started to talk with this sister, she said that she had been praying that someone would help her because her kids were super hungry and they didn't have anything to eat... obviously we gave her that food that we had. Really was testimony build in the power of prayer. The lord really anwsers our prayers, if we ask in faith. Everything will be fine. The scriptures always say that if we have faith in him, and pray with stopping, we will be nourished. In this case was literal, but most of the time is is spiritual nourishment. 

Love you all, 
Elder Heiner

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