Monday, July 6, 2015

Até logo Florida, Bem-vindos BRAZIL!

Oi, todo! Come vai?!?

Welp, it's here! I'm finally headed out for Brazil! Things have been
great here in Florida, but now it's time to start the next adventure.
3 months, 3 companions, 3 baptisms, 3 languages, and two areas my time
here in Florida has finally come to a close. I'm sad to leave, but I
know that I must have completed my purpose here in Florida because the
lord is now sending me to Brazil. I've had such a wonder experience
here in Florida. I'm so grateful for the opportunity be able to teach
here in the United States. It's been really and I know that things
that I've learned here will help me through out my life.

Even though Today marks the last full day I'll spend in the United
States for 20 months, I couldn't be more excited for the up coming
adventure. I've been lucky to be able to serve this last transfer here
in a Spanish /Portuguese area. I've had the opportunity to spend a
good about of time teaching Brazilians and I already love their
culture and those people. I'm so excited to be able to be fully
Immersed in their culture and spread the gospel in their native

Since I've been doing Spanish and Portuguese work, I've also had the
opportunity to teach so many people from other South American
countries: Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, chile, Peru,
Bolivia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hondura, Venezuela, you name it, I've
people talked to some one from there about their believes and ideals
about God. I've truly come to love people from every part of the

This past week has been filled with a lot of good byes. Unfortunately
I can't take all of the awesome Friends I've made here with me to
Brazil. As we've passed by all the people we've been teach, I've been
saying good bye. It's sad, but I know that I must have complete my
purpose here because the lord is sending me where I need to be. That's
the thing about our Heavenly Father. He will always put us where we
need to be when we need to be their, as long as we are doing the
things that we are supposed to. I know, without a doubt that my time
here in Florida was not a coincidence. If Heavenly Father wanted me to
be in Brazil in April, he very well could have made it happen, but he
didn't. A lot of the time Heavenly Father doesn't answer us on our
time schedule, but that's ok. He know us each individually and puts
answers our prayers when it is expedient to him.

I love all you guys, and I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.
Stay safe everyone! Next time I email I'm sure I'll have a lot of new
things to say.

Love you!
Elder Heiner

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