Friday, July 17, 2015


Well, Lets start of by saying.... Brasil is wild. Like super super super super wild. But I absoultly love it here!
The CTM is pretty dang fun. We spend alot of time here studying(AGAIN) and Eating... but Its alot cooler that being in provo. Im compainions with elder efros again, which is fine. we already know how to work together so it was an easy adjustment. the cool thing about being here only for two weeks is they let outside the gates!
We get to go out side and proslite in the street about every other day! its so dang awesome! its been crazy to see the difference between here and florida. In florida it was a struggle to really get any one to talk to us... here... well, all you have to do is open your mouth and people will listen to you... I geuss its  a foreigner thing... ahhah!! Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY loves loves loves the American Missionarys.
The food here is awesome! well, in the mtc anyways! lots of rice and beans... its a good thing that like them.
I think the thing thats truely been the weirdest to see how abosultly massive this city is. the mtc is up on the hill and as you go out and look across the city... its a little bit loco how many building and people live here. As far as the Eye can see... Sky Scrapers. Its crazy. We got the oprotunnity to go to the temple in cauniis this morning. its like a 2 hour bus ride to get there, for two straight hours its just house after house after house.
Portugese is coming. I defeinly feel like its a good thing that ive been able to come here and refresh a little bit, or uhhh relearn cuz I didnt learn it the first time. We teach 3 times a day here, once agian, those fake TRC lessons but its still good. Since me and elder efros have already been in the field its weird to not really worry about teaching a lesson. In provo it would seem like we would prepare all just to teach one... now me and elder efros just kinda look at each other, say what scrptures we are going to share, what we are going to invite them to do and then we just teach.
Ill be leaving here on the 21st , and then I will finally be able to be in porto alegre. About time... nah, its really been good though. i feel very grate fully to be able to have the opprotunity to serve in alot more places than alot of other missionary do. I always thought it would be cool to be able to see and serve so many different people on my mission. I guess Ive had mywish! ahha
I hope everyone is doing well!
Love you all
Elder Heiner

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