Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MTC Round Two

This is going to be short one, but I made it here to Brazil!!!

After 12 hours of flying, a bunch of super confusing conversation, a bunch of plane changes, I made it here!
Sao paulo is beautiful! Crazy busy... AND BIG we drove for like an hour and havle to get from the airport to the mtc... and the mtc is not even in the city.
Things are good! The weather here is alot more moderate than in florida! I can actually walk out side and not be absoultely soaked with sweat... well for this time of the year anyways. it was super foggy when we rolled in this morning, but after it all burned off you could see all the city.
The food here is fantatsic! 10000 times better than any food in the provo mtc. ahhah
Ill be here in the mtc for two weeks, doing a portugese refreasher, and after that I will fly out to porto alegre!
Anyways, everything´s good! Im totally psyched to start the next part of this adventure!
Love you all!
Elder Heiner

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