Monday, October 17, 2016

More work.

This week we did just about the same thing as before, We worked. And worked. and worked. 

Things are getting a little hot down here. It rained a bunch herer.... nothing like getting to take a shower everyday all day. Its the life. ahahah. I think the worst part about the rain is that after words it gets super hot... such is life. 

Elder De souza is doing good. Wednesday, we went to a mission meeting in pelotas. it went good! there came down to our mission a seventy from the north of brazil. Made for a day of alot of instruction and spiritual experiances. I think the crazy thing is that Elder Carboni, the seventy called me up to teach to him the first lesson in front of everyone.... it when fine, but i was sacred out of my pants. Afterwords he pulled me aside and told me that I taught the best first lesson he has seen in a very long time. Told be to keep doing it... I guess he liked.. Whatever right? I just do what everyone tells me to do. 

This week we worked alot with the list of members. The branch i'm in is preparing to be a ward, this means that they need to clean out the list of members.... which means the missionary's get to clean out the list. it went by really slow, but we got to take off 90 names off the list. Crazy.. 90 people moved out and the branch didn't even know... haha. Brazil. 

we also taught some great lessons to Adreille, the wife of a member here. One of the people with the most faith I've seen. Just have to wait for one week and she will be baptized... probably on Saturday. 

We also found a sweet new family... They live on the beach! like they have a beach house. Makes for some great lessons with the water splashing nearby. They are awesome, we are excited to see the progress they will make. 

Things are good, the zone is good. WE are working super hard. THe zone leader life is a little scary... I'm always anwsering the phone, its pretty annoying. 

Anyways, Love you all! 

Elder Heiner

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