Monday, October 3, 2016

Transfers! New (old?) comp, new area, new WARD! New Calling? ... yesh...

lets just say that this week was CRAZY. AGAIN.

To start out the week, we had some freaking crazy lessons. Here in Brazil, there are alot of churches... like ALOT. Every corner has another church. It leads to some interesting conversations. 
Anyways, My comp, well he likes to talk to pastors... or preachers of the other religions... So This week we made a goal to try and talk to as many preachers as possible, Not to try and prove them wrong or anything, just to see what they truely believe. This week I had my testimony truly strengthened, that this Church, The Church Of Jesus Christ, Really is the only true church. 

One lesson after another, Talking with these preachers, always, with respect, The holy ghost truly showed me that there is no other church in the world that has all of the true doctrine. Yes, there are many good churches, but there is only one TRUE church. Crazy how much I learned this week. 

The weekend was filled with conference... we watched it in the church through the web. It was great. Since everyone watched (or didn't watch) at home, it was just us in the church to watch conf. Truly, we are guided by prophets, seers, and revelators. I have no doubt about that. 
I especially like the talks about the book of mormon. One talked about how any living being can have a testimony of this book. I know that this is true. Even people taht can't read can have a testimony. I've seen it happen. 

Sunday, we also received transfer calls... I'm getting transfered. President also called me to be a Zone Leader... YIKES. Totally not prepared.... 

The lord really calls and then Qualify s. not the other way around. 

The really goodnew is I think that my companion will be Elder Rufato... Yes, the same Rufato that saved me wwaaayy back in Aronomia, We are super good friends... He's like a mini Harrison... haha 

Love you all, 
Elder Heiner

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