Monday, January 9, 2017


 Well, I'm in me new area... Wow.. I've been traveling since monday I feel like. This Week Has been CRAZY. 

Anyways, so me new area is called Eldorado Do sul. It a suburb of Porto Alegre, just 20 min west of the city. Its pretty freaking good area! 

Actually its been the best area of the mission for like 6 months now... The last elders that were here baptized every week for I don't even know how long. sooo pretty much I'm going to end my mission like I hope... Baptizing! 

My new companion is Elder Cope! From Michigan. Actually, Hes the nephew of Doctor Cope. yes. the same dr. Cope that has cared for our family forever. Pretty chill, Awesome Elder that knows how to work hard. WE are super good friends... Also... I now have someone to practice English with... yes.. I'm going to need it. 

The week we helped another son of god enter in the water of baptism. William is just 16 years old and already want ot serve a mission. Super excited for him. 

The ward here is way bigger than the branch in rio grande.. we also have.. .A CHURCH BUILDING!!  Which means it will be easier to bring people to chuch now.. (it was getting a little weird to say that church was taking place in the garage down the street) ahahah. 

Anyways, Things are good, I'm happy. Don't have much time. Likes always, but it should be pretty good. ust got to work until the end! 

Love you all!
Elder Heiner

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